Course curriculum

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    About This Course

    • About This Course

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    Introduction To The Course

    • Lesson One: Introduction to the Text & The First Hikam

    • ِAn Explanation of the Hikam by Suhaib Webb (Unedited)

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    The Lessons

    • The First Hikam: Deeds and Priorities Part one

    • Hikam One: Your Trust & Slip Ups - Park Version

    • The First Hikam: Deeds and Priorities Part Two

    • The Second Hikam: Know Your Motives

    • The Second Hikam: A Recap of Its Important Points

    • The Third Hikam: Your Passion Does Not Equal Fate

    • The Fourth Hikam: Give Yourself A Break

    • The Fifth Hikam: Priorities & Balance

    • The Seventh Hikam: Don't Let An Unanswered Dua Cause Despair

    • The Hikam Number Seven: Dua & Resilience (Part Two)

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    • The Eleventh, Twelfth & Thirteenth Hikams

    • The Thirteenth Hikam - The Etiquettes of Isolation

    • The Fourteenth HIkam: Seeing Things Through

    • The Hikam Fourteen: Contemplation (Part 2)

    • The Fifteenth Hikam: Allah's Power

    • The Sixteenth Hikam: Mindfulness & Reflections

    • The Seventeenth Hikam

    • The Ninth Hikam: Don't Get It Twisted

    • The Tenth Hikam: Bring Life to Your Actions

    • The Eleventh Hikam (Part One)

    • The Eighteenth Hikam

    • The Nineteenth HIkam

    • The Twentieth Hikam

    • The Twenty First Hikam

    • The Twenty Second Hikam

    • The Twenty Third Hikam

    • The Twenty Fourth Hikam

    • The Twenty-Fifth Hikam