Course curriculum

  • 1

    Introduction to the Study of Ihsān and Important Terms

    • Introduction to Ihsan, Its Foundations and Some Important Terms

    • Quiz One: Principles and Ideas

  • 2

    Introduction: What is Tasawuf?

    • An Orthodox Definition of Tasawuf and Its Applications

    • Quiz Number Two

    • Zuhud And Environmental Resilience

  • 3

    Introduction: Ten Concepts Needed to Understand Tasawwuf

    • The Mabādi (Starting Points) To Understand Tasawwuf

  • 4

    Line One: Step One

    • Line One: A Life of Remembrance

    • Year-One/ Semester-One Text

  • 5

    Lesson Two: Walking the Tightrope Between Fear and Hope

    • Between Fear and Hope (vlog) Version

    • Year-One/ Semester-One Text