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This lesson is absolutely amazing. I’m almost in tears. I’ve been waiting almost 10 years for a lesson like this. Alhamdulillah.

Yousuf H

I broke down in tears when you said that when someone converts loneliness comes and you have committed social suicide. That’s how I feel …. It is a reality.


JazakAllah, The videos are very useful as I travel a lot so I can listen on the go. The text is also very helpful as adults prefer visual learning but there’s always a few folks appreciate the text resource.

Mohammad K

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Faith & Life: Answers for Teens

Essential questions from students in high school and college. If you’d like me to answer your question…

Supplications of Islam

A course covering the meanings, methods, and applications of duā’ from the Quran and the Sunna.

Hikam of Ibn 'Attāullah

The Hikam is a set of instructions by the seventh-century scholar, Ibn ‘Attaullah on faith, life, your soul and your practice.