Expressions of the African American Muslim Experience

bhmFebruary is Black History Month, a month in which we are encouraged to reflect on the African American experience and to remember the significant struggles, events and personalities of its history. To honor this month and this history, with special focus on African American Muslims, we are asking you to share your thoughts and creative talents with us, the best of which will be featured on at the beginning of March.

Calling for Submissions
“Expressions of the African American Muslim Experience”

Acceptable submissions include:
– Photography;
– Digital Art;
– Poetry;
– Prose;
– or similar creative submission.

We hope to share different perspectives from our community in order to inspire and motivate each other, and to encourage creative insight and reflection on who we are, where we are going, and where we are coming from.

We request that submissions adhere to basic Islamic guidelines, such as avoiding explicit language or aesthetics. All submissions are subject to review and will be selected by staff.

Submissions should be sent to submissions[at]suhaibwebb[dot]com. The last day for submissions is February 28, 2013.

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  1. Mr. Isaac says:

    Sadly even here we surrender to our oppressor’s “month” for his former slaves. Once a progressive idea, Black History Month now serves as more camouflage for mass incarceration, middle class disintegration, nuclear family devastation, and housing, health and employment discrimination afflicting African America. They are spending $500 million on a STATUE of Martin Luther King while black children starve. As Muslims, we must recognize the special role conversion has played in the African American community, the strength Islam has given it, and how we can embrace our black heritage without obsequiously pandering to the false praise of BHM.

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