Lessons learned from Dr. Muhammad ‘Eshmawi al-Azhari

From the Vaults of al-Azhar

Dr. Muhammad ‘Eshmawi lives in Tanta.  Two years ago a group of us were blessed to read the book he wrote, actually a poem, covering the basics of hadith sciences. Last year I continued to visit him, read with him and, all praise be to Allah, took benefit from him. However, here’s something that I learned from him that will always stick with me. I thought of sharing it and hope it is of benefit?

Dr. ‘Eshmawi: “Okay, Suhaib you can go.”

Suhaib: “Dr. can I ask you something?”

Dr. ‘Eshmawi: “Sure”

Suhaib: “You come to Cairo to teach, you take the bus, come with a friend or something. Shaykh please allow me to pay you something?”

Dr. ‘Eshmawi: “No.”

Suhaib: “At least let me pay the costs of your travels?”

Dr. ‘Eshmawi: “Suhaib! If you offer me one more time I will not teach you anymore. I take nothing for teaching those who want to read with me. I sit and read with anyone who wants. If you like, you can come to Tanta and read the major books of hadith with me? But, don’t offer again, or I’ll stop. The knowledge is for Allah.”

What amazes me is that I know the Shaykh is in need but refused to take a penny in a land where times are tight and teachers are underpaid.

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  1. Amatullah says:

    SubhanAllah, may Allah protect the shaykh and increase him in goodness.

    That was very humbling.

  2. fahmi says:

    Subhanallah, may Allah bless the syeikh.

  3. omar says:

    SubhanAllah, God bless this man….

    Omar E

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