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Beautiful Patience

By Adnan Majid By its own admission, the Qur’an contains verses known as mutashābihāt or allegorical – verses with no definite interpretation whose ultimate meaning is known only to God (Qur’an 3:7). Despite this, however, the beautiful imagery of these verses never ceases to inspire us towards a deeper remembrance of God. One such verse […]

A Day in the Life: Rewind.

Thursday Morning 7:00 AM: Alarm clock buzzes. Get up, stagger to the bathroom—shower on. Work clothes on, hair looks good, coffee brewing in the kitchen. “It’s 7:30! Shoot!” 7:30 AM: Jump in the car, coffee in hand. Try to make it to work on time without spilling coffee. 7:55 AM: “Phew! Made it.” Burn through […]

A Call to Moderation and Balance

Allah has prescribed moderation in all things. Whether it be in our diet, worship, entertainment, or careers, it is this scale of balance and moderation that makes the Muslim capable of fulfilling all of his responsibilities in life, while maintaining a healthy mental and physical state of being. Taking into consideration the  turbo speed lifestyle […]