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Closed Doors and the Illusions That Blind Us

Yesterday my 22 month old sought to exercise his independence. After climbing out of his car seat, he wanted to shut the car door like a big boy, so I stood there watching over him. Realizing that if I left him to shut the door, his little head would have gotten slammed in the process, […]

The Might of Tawakkul

Sometimes we don’t realize how weak we are as humans. We assume success and ease is what we accomplished ourselves, but what we fail to see is how God supports us through our paths. It’s like the ground we walk on – we fail to appreciate it and become arrogant in ourselves. Had God taken His Support […]

The Guide to Divine Revolution

By Marya Bangee It’s time to do an exercise. I want you to take out your personal copy of the Qur’an – Arabic if you’re fluent and can understand what the divine words of Allah subhanahu wa ta`ala are saying or English if you cannot – and go to the title page. Write: “Read this as […]

Surrounded By Mirrors

I remember when our restroom mirror was being replaced, my family decided to snatch mine, until a new one was bought. I didn’t really mind it at the time, I didn’t really use it that much…or so I thought. After they took it away, my life became a little…lopsided. Each morning I would wake up, get […]

The Last 10 Days: Mercy, Forgiveness, Paradise

Praying in the Night and Concern for Society: A Glimpse into the Spirituality of the Salaf

by Ibn al-Jawzī | Translated by Suhaib Webb During the time of al-Hasan al-Baṣri there was an evil noble who used to sit on his balcony drinking; committing acts of sin and disobedience. Al-Hasan amassed a group of the righteous to face this evil. Thus, whenever the evil noble engaged in the forbidden, al-Hasan and […]

Talk at ISOC Qiyam: Getting Back to Allah

Podcast: Download (Duration: 1:26:42– 38.8 MB)