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A Victim of Speech

Part I | Part II In the last article, we explored how Allah (swt) exonerated Aisha radi allahu `anha (may God be please with her) and Prophet Joseph `alayhi as-salaaam (peace be upon him) from unsubstantiated and untrue gossip, and we talked about the victims of slander. Today, it’s about the perpetrators of slander. It […]

When Gossip Spreads

Part I | Part II Four walls. Dark and dingy. A man sat down and exhaled, bowed his head down and said a prayer to His Lord. How did he get here? In another time, another place, a woman wept. She couldn’t find meaningful support anywhere. She wept for so long that she felt her […]

Watch Your Tongue

“He really didn’t deserve that promotion.” “She may act nice, but she is so two-faced.” “Did you hear about what happened?! They got into so much trouble for those emails…” Sound familiar? Unfortunately this is what we witness on a day-to-day basis in the workplace. It’s hard to resist just listening to others gossip, let […]