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A Mufti’s Moderate Way

by Imām al-Shāti̩bī | Translated by Suhaib Webb From the Qualities of a Muftī: The skillied muftī carries the people on a balanced acceptable way; he does not push them towards severity or excess. The proof for this is that the objective of Islam, in its relationship with people, is moderation, neither radicalism nor being lax. […]

More Than Just a Book: Thoughts on the Magnificent Nature of Scholarship

By Suhaib Webb | Based on a lesson by Dr. `Amir Wardani Recently we were reading a text with Dr. `Amir Wardani and the following gems sprinkled from his lips: “Islamic scholars were concerned with creating a student that was complete in his knowledge as well as morals. For that reason, when you read their […]

Open Letter to Anwar al-Awlaki

By Omer Mozaffar In response to his blog posting “Nidal Hassan Did the Right Thing.”  I would post this letter as a “comment” on that blog entry, but I do not trust that that blog is legitimately his.  Some of the blog postings are so shortsighted and simplistic that I do not expect that they […]

Muslim Americans Must Obey U.S. Laws: Nidal Hasan Disobeyed Islamic Doctrine

by Danios The Islamophobic blogosphere has gone buck-wild.  Robert Spencer, Pamela Geller, and the rest of the goof troop are pretty ecstatic that Major Nidal Hasan, a Muslim American, killed thirteen U.S. soldiers at Fort Hood.  Nothing makes a neo-conservative happier than an attack on American soil; as the family of the victims mourn the […]

Know Your Hadith: Part V

By Huda Shaka` Part I | Part II | Part III | Part IV | Part V | Part VI Hadith during the time of the Companions and their followers (may Allah be please with them) This section of the book has amazing stories which were my motivation behind starting this whole series of posts.  […]

The Islamic Framework for Life: Reflections on Healthy Living

  The insightful person is in a constant state of asking themselves, “Why am I doing what I am doing?” This is a direct application of the prophetic injunction, “Verily actions are only by their intentions.” (Nawawi) So as Muslims, and as human beings, we must ask ourselves – “What is the purpose of the […]

Lighthouse for the Seeker: Advice for the Contemporary Student from Dr.`Ali Gom’a

The contemporary student in the West is faced with a number of challenges that assail him like cold dark waves from multiple directions. Since he is new to his craft, he struggles as the waves mercilessly beat and pound his small boat as he struggles for shore. The lighthouse for such difficulties is the senior […]

Know Your Hadith: Part IV

By Huda Shaka` Part I | Part II | Part III | Part IV | Part V | Part VI How did the Hadith spread during the lifetime of the Prophet (s)? As mentioned in previous posts, the early Muslims studied Hadith along with the Qur’an in their study circles at Dar al-Arqam. Soon after […]

Traversing Deep Waters – A Discourse on Practical Unity

by  Muhammad al-Hassan Walid al-Dido al-Shinqiti | Translated and Abridged by Suhaib Webb Taken from Fiqh al-Asr Question: There are many different sects and madhāhib [schools of Islamic law]. When we look at them it is difficult to gauge their relationship with Ahl al-Sunna. Are they close or distant? Let us begin with the Ash’aris. […]

Know Your Hadith: Part III

By Huda Shaka` Part I | Part II | Part III | Part IV | Part V | Part VI The Prophet Muhammad’s (s) methodology of teaching his companions This post is my way of commemorating the Prophet Muhammad (salla Allahu `alayhi wa sallam – may the peace of Allah be upon him), the greatest […]

Know Your Hadith: Part II

by Huda Shaka` Part I | Part II | Part III | Part IV | Part V | Part VI Why is Sunnah a Source of Legislation? When Muslims say they only believe in Qur’an, not in Sunnah – or that they only take evidence from the Qur’an not from the Sunnah – it’s a […]

Know Your Hadith: Part I

By Huda Shaka` Part I | Part II | Part III | Part IV | Part V | Part VI There is a growing trend of lack of trust in hadith (to put it mildly), from within the Muslim community. I have been hearing alarming statements like: “Don’t give me proof from Hadith, give me […]

“Factors that Change Religious Edicts” by Dr. Yusuf al-Qaradawi

The following is an excerpt from the forthcoming work “Factors that Change Religious Edicts” by Dr. Yusuf al-Qaradawi. This text is the first to be officially published by Translated by a group of students of knowledge (Webb Translators), it is hoped that this text will serve to chart the way forward for those interested […]

A Defense of Muslim Activism

Recently, the Muslim activist has become a punching bag for a wide variety of attacks, slurs, and statements which disregard and marginalize, at best, and vilify at worst, the concept of Islamic activism. From the idea that Islamic activism today is just the tattered remnant of political movements long since gone awry, to the suggestion […]

The Public Health Care Option Is An Islamic Issue

Al-Hajj Malik Al-Shabazz (Malcom X) once described the impact a hadith had on him when he first heard it (during his turn toward orthodoxy) because its implications were so profound. He states in his autobiography in his meeting with Dr. Shawarbi, “he dropped on me something whose logic would never get out of my head. […]

The Fasting Person Who Eats After Fajr or Before Maghrib

Dr. Yusuf al-Qaradawi | Translated by Jamaal Diwan Question: What is the ruling for someone who eats suhur after fajir time or has iftar before maghrib time then later on his mistake becomes evident? Answer: All praise is due to Allah and may peace and blessings be upon His Messenger, his family, companions, and whoever […]

Zakat and Social Justice by Amira Murphy

By Amirah Murphy One of the Quran’s major themes is social justice for those whom society disadvantages and compassion for the vulnerable. God says in the Quran: As for the believing men and the believing women—all [of them] are allies of one another. They enjoin what is right and forbid what is wrong. Moreover, they […]

The Cultural Imperative Of Islam: Authority of Shari`ah Over Custom

Necessary Pre-requisites to the Cultural Imperative In dealing with a “discussion” (disciplined conversation) or “discourse” (ideological systematic discussion) on culture we need clarity on a number of matters. Of these matters that we need clarity on and understanding of are the following: A clear definition of “culture,” “custom,” “localized norms” and “practices” as understood in […]

Paying Zakāt al-Fiṭir with Cash

By Dr. Saūd bin ̔Abdullah al-Finisān | Translated and Abridged by Suhaib Webb All praise is to Allah. May His peace and blessings be Upon the Messenger of Allāh, [Muḥammad], Allah’s peace and blessings be upon him. Zakāh al-Fiṭir is obligatory according to the Majority of Scholars. Some scholars from the Zāhiri, as well as Shafi’ī and Mālikī […]