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The Reality of One Ummah

Abdullah Brothers’ Ramadan Masjid Tour: Part I | Part II | Part III | Part IV | Part V | Part VI | Part VII | Part VIII As we prepped for Lubbock, TX, I had no idea what to expect. Weather-wise I was getting very nervous. The hard rain, the dark clouds, the lightning showers we drove into gave me instant Taqwaa. I just think of the Ad & […]

“It doesn’t make any sense…”

By Ruzky Aliyar ‘Why do some things in life not work out the way you want them to?’ said the boy. ‘How do you know that was what you really wanted?’ asked the girl. The boy momentarily froze. This had never occurred to him. If he got what he wanted, it made him happy. If […]

How do We Deal with Domestic Abuse?

Scenario 1: SubhanAllah, watching this scene literally broke my heart. In my justice studies class last year we watched a clip of a movie which portrayed what we had been studying at the time (intimate partner violence). The background of the scene was that a brother and a sister of an abusive father had heard […]