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The Number that Never Changes

He was right; having a good friend for over fifty years is impressive. I was attending a dinner in which a well-respected scholar and professor was being recognized for his accomplishments. Instead of focusing on himself and his journey, he spent his entire speech thanking the numerous individuals that impacted his life. As he reflected […]

A Call for Leadership

It was Ramadan in Jerusalem just after salah. The stone-walls and pathways spoke of deep, long histories of nations past; simply walking through the city brought to mind ancient conquests and childhood stories. As we passed through the crowds of people, a man yelled out to one of the vendors. The vendor was selling BBQ […]

A Beautiful Mind

Taking our Intentions to the Next Level and Beyond Most of us are familiar with the ever so famous hadith that actions are taken to account by their intentions (maybe it’s about time we memorized it eh? – hint hint, wink wink, yes YOU!) Most of us struggle with our intentions day in and day […]