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Dealing with Loss

By Abida Aura Mustafa Whether through death, loss, or disagreement, when we lose someone or something dear to us, we become overwhelmed by the pangs of grief; the pain of loss feels overbearing as though it would never end. Having to face the consequences of detachment can be a traumatic experience. All we can think […]

Grudges, Graffiti and Grief

by Sabeen Mansoori Our lives are spent in various boxes. We live in boxes that are insulated from the outside; we feel neither the heat of the blazing sun till it penetrates our being nor do we experience the cold blasts of winter till our bones shiver. We venture out from these boxes in other […]

A Soul’s Burden

Trials and tribulations are a part of life. We do not like them; we do not like to go through them; but eventually we accept them. Even if we pray, fast, pay our zakat and do all different forms of ibadat we still get tested. Sadness sometimes fills our hearts. We could be the best […]

Saving Sajdah

Wednesday August 26th 8:00 pm Nothing. She hasn’t moved all afternoon. I’m used to her kicking throughout the day, especially when I have something sweet. I start to cry uncontrollably; I feel like I can’t breathe. Maybe she’s just sleeping, and insha’Allah she’ll wake up later, when I lay down. 11:00 pm I start crying […]