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Every Garment Has a Name

By Sadia Kidwai Often when we consider the sunnah (tradition of Prophet Muhammad ﷺ, peace be upon him) of clothing ourselves, our minds instantly turn to issues of halal (permitted) and haram (prohibited). At the tip of our tongues are reminders about the evils of silk and gold, the necessity for wearing loose and modest […]

Ethics of Fashion

By Abu Nusaybah If you did not know that people are being oppressed by the processes that deliver our fashion, now you do. The recent tragedy of a factory collapse in Bangladesh that resulted in over a thousand lives lost was not the first to take place, nor is Bangladesh the only country wherein such […]

What is the Basis of our Uniqueness?

A pioneering French fashion designer named Coco Chanel once said, “In order to be irreplaceable, one must always be different.” Some choose to be “different” through fashion, espousing a certain political party, identifying with a minority group, or by simply going against the norm. Though an individual has multi-dimensional identities, like gender, ethnicity, economic status, […]