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Part and Parcel

By Lena Khan On the day that I write this, I received an email from a sister giving me advice (nasiha). I can (maybe) make documentaries, she told me—but certainly not fictional films. I should refrain from imitating the kuffar (disbelievers) in making movies. And for certain, I should be careful of engaging too much […]

Sunni-Shia Marriage

WebbStaff Note: This article does not represent a fiqhi (legal) ruling on the permissability of Sunni/Shia marriages. We encourage those who are dealing with an intra-religious or inter-religious union to seek advice from a qualified local religious scholar, as is mentioned below. This article is solely meant to represent a counseling perspective on how to deal with marriage when the two […]

16 Forever: Islam & Our Culture’s Fixation on Youth

Reconstructing Beauty Series: Part I | Part II | Part III | Part IV | Part V | Part VI While it’s a natural instinct in all of us to seek to beautify ourselves and seek out beauty in others, we live in an age in which there is, as one author puts it, “a profound attachment to looks and aesthetics.”1 Instead […]

The Enemy Within: The House That Ego Built

It is very difficult to read the headlines and not cringe at the endless parade of Muslim misdemeanors and the constant criticism. Some might say it has unnerved us; it has jarred us; it has shaken us; it has gotten to us. It may have gotten to us a very long time ago, starting with […]


by Derrick Peat When I hear stories from Muslim countries around the Middle East, I sometimes can’t help but wonder what faith many of these purported adherents to Islam are practicing. While I know that Allah knows best everyone’s situation, and His mercy is all-encompassing, I feel many Muslims have mixed ignorance and backwardness with […]