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Last Ramadan

My wife says that this could be her last Ramadan.  I protest saying it could be, but it could also be mine, and it could be anyone else’s, and that no one is guaranteed anything, anyway.   This is half-hearted and she knows it.  We do indeed all know that we are going to die […]

From an Arranged Marriage to Deep Love

Glimpses of Marital Bliss: Part I | Part II | Part III | Part IV | Part V | Part VI Here is an inspiring narrative of a woman who was married through an arranged marriage, who grew to love her husband with passion and compassion, and who was there for him—as he was there for her—through the thick and thin of […]

The Cancer Patient

By Robin Imran Mahmud I am currently interning at a hospital in my community. My role is to help the nurses look after their patients’ needs. My tasks include changing beds, feeding patients, discharging patients, and helping nurses clean the bodies of patients who are in the last stages of their lives. One day as I was checking on patients […]