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A Constant Relationship

All throughout life our environments change, but there is one thing that remains constant no matter what situation we may fall into: the fact that we are constantly in a relationship with Allah subhanahu wa ta`ala (exalted is He). With each emotion that results in action, we are paving our way to our permanent abode […]

Blessing or Punishment: Reinterpreting Prosperity and Hardship

Since the time we were children, we have learned the difference between good and bad. The formula is simple. When something good happens, we are happy. When something bad happens, we are sad. And the criterion is clear. Good is about acquiring, and we work to see results that can be weighed and measured. For […]

Blessings of Seeking Knowledge

by Kanika Aggarwal “Knowledge is power.” How many times in our lives have we heard this phrase? How many times have our parents, teachers, elders stated this same thing over and over again? This quote by Sir Francis Bacon emphasizes that when you have knowledge, you have authority. It alludes to the fact that there […]