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The Winter of My Heart

By Iman Badawi The believer may also find hardness in the heart, but it is the hardness of ice, not rock.  The causes for this hardness are many and we must all be vigilant about their appearance. Among them are: Preferring this dunya (life) over the Hereafter and becoming deluded by worldly pursuits.  The love […]

Syria and the Ansar

by Iman Badawi I prayed to Allah for Syria last night. It’s a simple act, a basic obligation, but is it enough? Ramadan is here and the dragging hours of summer daylight test the endurance of the believer. The pain of hunger and the anguish of thirst render the first date sweeter than those of […]

The Electoral Shura Under the Four Rightly-Guided Caliphs

The study of history is of no use unless it yields benefit for the future. To dwell on the pristine character of the four rightly-guided caliphs is to find magnificent role models of God-consciousness, devotion, sacrifice, integrity, and leadership. Yet, from the political standpoint, the imperfect realities of human nature continue to drive home a most obvious and self-confirming reality; the synergy of the system. No conglomeration of people, even with great leaders, can succeed in this world or the next without a system of law and governance. The best system is one that extracts only positive human qualities and enhances them, while the worst of systems is one that gives free reign to evil human tendencies.

Islam and the Society the World Craves

by Iman Badawi | Summarized from the last chapter of Islam the Future Civilization, by Dr. Yusuf al-Qaradaawi, el-Fatah Foundation for Translation and Distribution, Cairo, Egypt, 1998 1 Perhaps the most blatantly apparent quality of the 21st century world is that the success of nations is based upon their material advancement with complete disregard for the moral status […]