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My Mosque, My Identity, My Anchor

“Culture shock” is how I always describe the sudden onslaught of cultural varieties, religious peculiarities and political ambiguities that I encountered when I first came to North America at the age of 18. It was a rush of overwhelming information that threw my curious mind into a whirlwind of conflicting ideologies. Derailed and confused, I […]

True Knowledge

Ten years ago, while in pharmacy school, I gave a quick presentation about the use of Over the Counter (OTC) smoking cessation products. It was an exercise in counseling patients on what is available in the market without a prescription to help them quit smoking. It was a very well put together presentation that garnered […]

A Day in the Life: Rewind.

Thursday Morning 7:00 AM: Alarm clock buzzes. Get up, stagger to the bathroom—shower on. Work clothes on, hair looks good, coffee brewing in the kitchen. “It’s 7:30! Shoot!” 7:30 AM: Jump in the car, coffee in hand. Try to make it to work on time without spilling coffee. 7:55 AM: “Phew! Made it.” Burn through […]

Satan’s Strategy

One of the most sobering talks I have with my students entering their first professional year of pharmacy school is about substance abuse. It is now a staple in our program to bring in a rehabilitated pharmacist on the last day of orientation to talk about his experience with substance abuse – what led him […]