The Ummah’s Victory Starts with YOU

ummahOne day, a group of people were sitting around and talking about the problems of the Ummah.  They began raging about the lack of women’s roles within specific communities, the “backwards” ways that people often behave and the general desperate situation of the Muslims. One woman then shared her analysis, “It’s because of people from [this country] that we are so backwards!” And the racist country-blaming began.

But I know the majority of people who were sitting in that group did not follow Islam’s obligations – they did not pray or fast regularly. Therefore, is it really the people of “that country” that are causing us to have issues as an Ummah? Or is it really our own sins, arrogance, and diseased hearts which are causing us to slide backwards in our relationship with the One Who can easily give us advancement, honor and victory?

There are people being murdered throughout the world. There is massive starvation, cyclical poverty and inhumane occupation. What are we doing as an Ummah to help bring social justice back to our planet (apart from complaining about our state)?

Perhaps many of us are caught up in twenty-odd units of classes. Perhaps some of us are bogged down with work and the responsibilities of life. What can we possibly do, in our locality, consistently, when we are so far away from our brethren who are losing limbs, lives and hope?

We can come back to Allah ‘azza wa jal.

Allah subhanahu wa ta`ala (exalted is He) tells us in Surah Ali-Imran:


“So do not weaken and do not grieve, and you will be superior if you are [true] believers.” (Qur’an, 3:139)

Allah is giving us the great news of victory if we are true believers! So let us seek victory in His Promise.

Let us first take responsibility for our own actions. Many of us protest every year against occupations globally, yet many of us will miss dhuhr and `asr prayer on the very same day. Are you the one who will bring liberation back to Palestine? Or is it the One Who controls everything in the Heavens and the Earth? Sometimes we get so caught up with being active to improve the state of others, that we forget that the most important state we need to improve is that of our own selves – that of maintaining our basic obligations towards Allah (swt).

Let’s start focusing on being the BEST social justice advocates: those who bring justice first to our own souls by seeking the pleasure of our Lord, by maintaining what has been obligated upon us, and fighting our base desires to stay away from what has been forbidden to us, and by striving to not only take Allah as our Creator and One we worship, but also as our BEST FRIEND. And let us know that when we seek Allah, Allah (swt) will help quicken our victory in the cause of justice.

Allah promises He “…will help those who help His cause. Indeed Allah is all-Powerful, all-Mighty.” (Qur’an, 22:40)

The scholar Imam Ash-Shinqitee, may Allah have mercy on his soul, stated, “Allah – the Mighty and Majestic – explains in this noble Verse that He has promised to help and give victory to those who help Him. And it is known that the help and victory of Allah comes by following what He has prescribed, obeying His command, [and] avoiding His prohibitions…”1

For those seeking to bring humanity, justice and liberation to the oppressed, and dignity and honor back to those who feel humiliated in our Ummah, let us go back to Allah. Let us sincerely, consistently and seriously work on our relationships with Him and allow this to be the drive behind our passion to bring social justice and advancement to our Ummah.

Four Action Items:

  • Start doing one amazing thing to revamp your relationship with Allah! Perhaps it’s saying Subhan Allahi wa Bi Hamdihi (all glory and praise be to Allah) 100 times a day. Perhaps it’s beginning to establish praying the sunnah salah before fajr every day. Perhaps it’s making a commitment to do the wajibaat (obligatory actions) and trying one’s best to keep going on this, regardless of the difficulty of the situation.
  • Start running away, sprinting away from one thing you know Allah has asked us to stay away from! The “F” word? Talking smack? Ignoring your mom? Pick one thing to fight and start boxing it out of your life!
  • Begin or maintain whatever you can do to contribute to social justice. We need to do the action while supplicating for, and being certain of, Allah’s Help.
  • Continually make du`a’, in our prostration, when it rains, between the athan and the iqama, in the last third of the night, when you’re fasting, sick or traveling – all of which are times when the du`a’ is accepted – make du`a’ for the Ummah! And have CERTAINTY that Allah will answer.

Why wouldn’t Allah (swt) bring us success when we, as an Ummah, are seeking His pleasure by doing what He has obligated upon us? When we fight ourselves to stay away from what He asks us to stay away from, when we work for the outcome of social justice and make du`a’ with certainty that He will answer – He WILL answer! Let us seek Allah’s pleasure and go back to Him for the sake of those dying unjustly all over the world! What are we waiting for? We have the BEST promise from the One Who NEVER breaks His promise!

“Allah has promised to those amongst you who have iman (certainty of belief) and do righteous actions, that He will grant you the khilafah (succession to authority) in the land…” (Qur’an, 24:55)

And let us know that in the end, Allah is always watching and regardless of what we do, we will always go back to Him:

9:105“And say, ‘Do [as you will], for Allah will see your deeds, and [so, will] His Messenger and the believers. And you will be returned to the Knower of the unseen and the witnessed, and He will inform you of what you used to do.’” (Qur’an, 9:105)

  1. Adwaa’ ul-Bayaan (5/703-704).
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  1. You are correct. We will not reform the greater situation of Muslims until we first reform ourselves. The Muslim applies Islam on himself, then he teaches others. He cannot bring Islam to others until he is practicing himself.

    Allah knows best.

  2. amara says:

    Just one word: awesome (Masha’Allah)

  3. Farah says:

    Jazaki Allahu Khayr Maryam for the reminder. As human beings we tend to blame others for everything we dont like before taking responsibility for ourselves to take charge. If we are late to work or to class, it may not be because we woke up late, but easier to use the excuse that the traffic was bad. We often like to blame our professors or employers for mistreating us instead of looking at ourselves to see how we can turn a problem into a challenge. Seeking for success should rather start with our own selves and for that Allah(swt) has given us the manual to excellence. We just have to take the time to learn and implement it.

  4. BK says:

    Great Article!!
    A few weeks ago at a gathering, someone said that a statement by Bill Maher bothered them.
    I don’t know the exact statement of Bill Maher but here is a quote from his Wikipedia page:
    “Maher argued that religion is a cause of many of society’s problems and that the practices of religion are mired in hypocrisy.”
    Something along the lines of that and also that Maher said that most of the wars of the world were because of religion and there for religion is wrong.
    So I was just wondering what would you say to someone who says this?

  5. ibn Ali says:

    Someone has rightly said in Urdu:

    “Umar bhur ek hi galti kurtey rahey,
    Aur doosroon par ilzaam daitey rahey.
    Dhool thi chehre pur apney,
    Aur hum aaina saaf kartey rahey”

    “We spent the whole life in one mistake
    by putting the blame on others
    Dust was on our face
    And we kept wiping the mirror”

    The Ummah’s Victory Starts with me, InshaAllah!

  6. Amatullah says:

    awesome article sis. jazaaki Allahu khayran.

  7. Abubakar says:

    Salaam Jazakallahu Khaira! this is a wonderful piece of reminder to Muslim Ummah particularly about our duties and responsibilities; first to ourselves then our immediate neighbor and finally the entire Ummah. i mean as a Muslim we must fulfill jihad in a logical order especially as it was recommended by the holy prophet. Above all we should not allow any form of persecution, being mete out on Muslims in any part of the globe. to distract our attention from ALLAH’s promise instead we should view our challenges as a necessity to strengthen our faith in ALLAH. We should always rely on ALLAH as our HOPE and STRENGTH but we must do our part by abiding by ALLAH’s commandment and pray unrelentingly. Surely ALLAH promise shall come to pass. By HIS glory TRUTH shall overcome FALSEHOOD salaam

  8. Haq says:

    “Dust was on our face
    And we kept wiping the mirror”
    SubhanAllah! jazzakAllah khair ibn Ali for sharing this gem!

  9. Maryam says:

    What a great reminder! We will never have victory if we look at others to bring it. We will never have victory if we dont turn to Allah and fix ourselves. We will never have victory if we do not make salah regularly. How different was the ummah during the Prophets time as compared to the ummah today. When they needed help they turned to Allah. When we need help we turn to money, the tv, our non-Muslim friends , music everything that is of no benefit. When Allah is waiting for us to call on Him. Ya Allah! Grant us peace within ourselves, make us steadfast in prayer, increase our imaan, our taqwa, moisten our tongue with your remembrance, be with our brothers and sisters all over the world and grant us victory! Ameen!!

    Jazaks Sister!

  10. jameel says:

    ofcourse we should change oursleves too,but should we avoid the obligation of accountability of rulers ? state ?
    We can change ourselves,we can change some people..But we can not change the whole society while the media,education system and the environment is kufriya and corrupted.

  11. আবু সুলাইমান says:

    You have used the word ‘victory’ as the translation of quranic verse, but you did not show any attention on that word. Pls make it clear, what does the word ‘victory’ mean?

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