Syria Awareness Event

The Islamic Society of Boston Cultural Center and Imam Suhaib Webb hosted a Syria Awareness Event. Danny Abdul Dayem, a British citizen of Syrian descent who witnessed the Syrian revolution and the brutality of the Syria regime in Homs, shared his experiences in Syria.

May Allah (swt) free the people of Syria from the oppressive and brutal regime.

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  1. Mohammad says:

    ARWB, who said the first part means there no god but god? If this is what it means, were the Quraysh not believers?They clearly believed there was only One Allah.

    • Child_of_Adam says:

      The Quraish would pray to their numerous idol “gods” as well for intercession.

      A reminder for all time to pray to Allah (SWT) and to Him alone, for He has no partners.

  2. Omaer says:

    How would you recommend donating for Syria?
    What are some good charity organisations to donate to?

    • Mofeda says:

      Salam Omaer,

      Thank you so much for your concern and willingness to help. I know of a few organizations that are taking donations towards helping the Syrian cause:

      Syrian Relief and Development:

      Syrian Sunrise Foundation:

      Syrian American Council:

      The first two, as the websites describe, are geared towards humanitarian help to either Syrians within Syria (which is very difficult to achieve, as everything must be smuggled in) or the Syrian refugees.

      The last (SAC) is a non-profit, grass-roots organization, here in America, that aims to spread awareness across the US while lobbying for help in order that Syrian’s reach their goal of freedom, inshallah.

      Those are the ones that I am aware of and may Allah bless and reward you for your generosity.

  3. Mohammad says:

    You are missing the point I’m making. The Quraish did believe there was no god but Allah but they believed they needed intercessors(much like alot of sufis nowadays unfortunately).

    My point is if someone is to say that the shahaada means there is no god but god, then well Shaytaan believes in Allah.No? Quraish believed there was one Allah, no?

    Whereas if you say it means there is none worthy of worship other than Allah then you can see the difference. Yes Quraish believed in Allah BUT they also worshipped other than Him and with this definition, you can see they are kuffar whereas with the definition mentioned in the video there is no clear distinction.

    (and these are not my words but the words of the ulema mainly from Saudi)

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