Message from Imam Suhaib on Egypt (Share Your Comments!)

With the name of Allah, the Most Gracious, the Most Merciful. Peace and blessings of Allah upon our master, Muhammad ﷺ and those who follow him until the end of time.

Dear brothers and sisters,
Asalamu `alaykum wa rahmatullahi wa barakatuh.

It is with tempered happiness, touched hearts and tears of joy that we congratulate the Egyptian people on their victory over oppression. It is a blessed month, in which many of us honor the birth of our Prophet ﷺ. And, from this day forward, insha’Allah, we will recall the birth of a new mindset in the Middle East. Ahmed Shawqi wrote, “Egypt is history….so look at her and read it!”

Truly, the Egyptian people have captured our hearts. Their love for freedom, dedication to each other irregardless of religion, and the pursuit of a free life, are truly admirable. Without “Operation Freedom,” “Autocratic thugs,” and “Irresponsible extremist theology,” but, “Allah does not change a people until they change themselves,” they were able to bring change. At, the majority of us have lived, studied, cried and laughed in Egypt, and our relation is that of close cousins. We have called for a “Global Qiyam” this weekend and encourage all to take part begging Allah to assist the plight of the oppressed wherever they are.

Finally, while we celebrate the political death of an oppressor, let us reflect on the happiness when, insha’Allah, we enter Paradise and see our Prophet (peace be upon him). In order for that to happen, we must rise against what Shaykha Muslema al-Azhariya coined “the inner Mubarak!” Just as the Egyptians were empowered to initiate change in their country, we must seize the opportunity to change ourselves and rise up against the oppressive nature of our souls! God bless the Egyptians, accept their efforts and make this an example of change for the rest of the world.

Please leave your message of support, supplication and congratulations to the people of Egypt!


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  1. Sana says:

    Congratulations to the Egyptian people; what an accomplishment. Sticking together, having faith in the actions you took, and most importantly, God; showing support for one goal, and patience, got you freedom so quickly. All in three weeks! May God bless you all; your pharoah has gone down!!!

  2. jamal says:

    feel proud for egyptian people what they have done

    Man of the Year “EGYPTIAN”, if not decades!

    enough said.

  3. Dave says:

    The Egyptians have inspired the ummah of Muhammad (may blessings and peace be upon him) that subjugation is not inevitable. May Allah open the hearts of all Muslims to assist them in that which is good, for we are one ummah! May Allah hold back the hands of those who would seek to reverse the direction of this revolution, whether from the ranks of the Muslims or from without! Ya Fattah Ya Salam! Allahumma salli ‘ala sayyidina Muhammad wa aalihi wa sallim!

  4. Mabrook! says:

    Prayers, pride, strength, and solidarity to the Egyptian people as they celebrate their victory. May G-d make the road ahead easy for them and replace the pharoah who was thrown out with a leader who listens to the people and may G-d watch over them as they journey on to rebuild their country. I can’t express all the emotions I feel, but as a new dawn shines upon Egypt let us remember those who lost their lives. Learn their faces and names:

    Remember them!

    Egypt is FREE! <3

  5. MT. Akbar says:

    Masr Habibati!! Egypt, Mother of the world, you have given us hope by loosening the chains of oppression, hope for a brighter dawn for the Ummah! AllahuAkbar!

    I miss you like I would miss my dear mother.

  6. T says:

    You guys make me really happy bring tears to my eyes cos you shown that anything is possible if Allah wills it and to never give up hope in the mercy of Allah.Alhamduilleh!!! also shown beautiful unity and faith!!Inshallah that everything else transitions beautifully also.It’s really heartwarming to see our brothers and sisters, may Allah bless all of us everywhere and keep us united.

  7. T says:

    and may Allah forgive Hosni Mubarak cos he is also our brother even though he ain’t perfect he did the right thing in the end so may Allah forgive him, guide him, and bless him.Ameen!

  8. Nasr says:

    May Allah subhanahu wa taala bless and reward all the Egyptians, those who risked and those who gave their lives inshallah.

    We thanks you all for awakening and inspiring us alhamdulilah.

  9. Nasr says:

    Nasr says:

    May Allah subhanahu wa taala bless and reward all the Egyptians, those who risked and those who gave their lives inshallah.

    We thanks you all for awakening and inspiring us.

  10. Watie M.Yunus says:

    Was really proud with the spirit of Egyptian. May they get a new and Islamic future leader. Congrats to the people of Egypt!!!

  11. Ayah says:

    ‎!والله وعملوها الرجاله CONGRATULATIONS TO EGYPT AND EGYPTIANS ALL OVER THE WORLD! TA7YA MASR wa TA7YA EL-SHA3B!!!!!!!!!!!!. Every ending is just a new beginning, and what a lovely beginning this is. We have a long ways to go, bas with God we’ll definitely get there. Praying for a most peaceful transition.ALLAHU AKBAR!!!!

  12. Fatimah Taib says:

    congrats to those who support,love,and care upon the Egyptian.
    May this be the blessed renewal.

  13. Dieynaba says:

    All praise is due to Allah!

    The tyrant said he would not leave, and he did the next day! This is a message we send to all the tyrants around the world, killing,oppressing, stealing: DEGAGE!

    Congratulations to the Egyptian people!

  14. Subhan says:

    Allahu Akbar!

  15. Indeed this is a time for the awakening of people. It is amazing how the imagine on this post resembles the uniting of religion to bring about a change – As the West continue to divide the religion further the Egyptian revolution has taught them a big lesson – The Revolution by all means in not over – the first step to remove a 30 year old rule.

    For those enemies of Humanity – the revolution sweeping Middle East and Africa is one not to be reckon with.

  16. Ines says:

    congratulations to the egyptian people! subhanAllah.

  17. Fouad says:

    May Allah sustain this glorious victory of the Egyptian people, as brother Suhaib said: let us seize this moment and rise above our own inner Mubarak, wherever we may be. Ameen.

  18. Riaz says:

    Assalam alikum,

    Congratulations Egypt!! Lets hope for a new dawn in middle east Insha Allah

  19. Omar says:

    I remember the first emotional aspect of this revolution for me was hearing about how people took it upon themselves to stop looters, protecting not just their own property but any property. I remembered then the Ayah, “they plot and Allah plans, and Allah is the best of planners”

    The regime thought they would show people that they are dependent on them and their corrupt police for security, and without any time to plan they spontaneously came together and stepped up to fill the void in a way that some said they never felt more secure before.

    However, the most emotionally touched I have felt is seeing footage of young men sweeping the streets of Tahrir square, and others attempting to erase grafitti sprayed on walls. My eyes tear up, because when we start treating our streets and public spaces as owr own home… imagine what kind of a bright future lay ahead of us, with Allah’s mercy and pleasure at what these youth are doing?

  20. Surya Dharma says:

    Mabruk to the people of Egypt! What a blessing to be “re-born” in the favored month of Milad al-Nabi. May it be the First Spring of a new era for all Egyptians. May Allah grace the citizens with diligence, patience, wisdom, and gentleness to meet the challenges ahead.

  21. Aziza says:

    As salamu alaykum,

    Al hamdullilah. Egypt is finally free. We are finally free. This is not just thanks to the people’s persistence, but also of everybody’s duaa for our country. From the US to Mecca, everybody was praying for Misr.
    It’s still too much to take and unbelievable for us living here: everywhere we go there is a celebration, you look at people and they are smiling and you can see the relief on their faces.
    Al hamdullilah.
    I am happy to be an Egyptian, also humbled because it’s Allah SWT Who has made it happen.

    Inch’Allah, our children will have a bright future in this free country.

  22. Shafani says:


    This is trully amazing !!! let the world know how we moslims do jihad. And let as all take a very important teaching from this. Unity and trust in allah

  23. Gabriel Hernandez says:

    As-Salaam Alaykum

    Allah Ma’kum. May Allah complete His favor by helping us break the hidden chain.

  24. MuslimGirl says:

    Congrats to Egypt!!! The world has prayed for you, and Allah (swt) answered our prayers!!!

  25. MoCo says:

    Peace be upon you all,

    Cairo, the Mother for the World, is free… will her children follow her? May Allah bless them with guidance, make their feet firm, and strengthen their hands.

  26. Tayyeba Akhtar says:

    Congratulations to the people of Egypt!! :) Since the 25th of January till the day you won your freedom.. you all have been an inspiration to people around the world.. you fought for the freedom and never gave up!! You all showed us an important teaching that if we want something we should never give up on it!! Its beautiful how you all fought for one another.. Its very nice to see everyone helping and doing their part to get Egypt back on track.. cleaning the streets and helping one another… I hope you have a brighter future and be happy…

    Congratulations and Barak Allahu Feekum… and may Allah (swt) reward you all for your hard work and for those who lost their lives whilst fighting for their freedom..

    P.s Everyone please remember those who lost their lives whilst fighting for their freedom and dignity… please visit this website

    Assalamu Alaikum

  27. Watie M.Yunus says:

    How I wish that this should happen in Iraq before…no terrible bloodshed and violence….
    I salute you all Egyptian for everything went smoothly…
    May Egypt will get their new fair n square President.

  28. abdullah says:

    Allahu Akbar! May Allah grant peace and security and righteous leadership!

  29. Assalamu Alaikum.
    I think it is only my Egyptian Mother in law who is so sad he left. She feels that he should have stepped down in dignity and she cried so much, because she has frail health all her children have to say, “Okay ma ma you are right.” I don’t think she is the majority but I do think elderly feel that stepping down in dignity may have been the better choice.

  30. Heba Salah says:

    It is not a victory for the Egyptians only,, it is for the whole Muslim ummah.
    We must be smart enough and know that this did not happrn by chance. It is the will of Allah to help Egyptians in the blessed month of His Prophet’s noble birth to give us the lesson: live you lives from now on on the footsteps of the beloved salla Allahu alaihi wa sallam. I hope that all Muslims realize this as i do since the beging of our blessed uprising.
    May Allah reward you all good brother Suhaib for your great message.
    Your (Egyptian) Student

    Heba Salah

  31. Noha says:

    Though I did not have the honor of taking an active part in this glorious revolution, I was with with the heores and martyrs of Tahrir with my heart and soul. I will be eternally indebted to them for reminding me that when there is a will, there’s a way and most important that Allah helps those who help themselves. The taste of victory over tyranny is indeed very sweet. But let us not forget in our happiness that the road ahead is long and fraught with hardships–We need to hold on to and fight for our beliefs all the way. Viva Egypt!

  32. nasihah says:

    assalamualaikum,firstly,congrats 4 egyptians.egyptians r proud of their history and i am also proud by being there for continuing my study at the oldest islamic institute.

  33. Khaled says:

    al salam alikum brothers and sisters finally our beloved Egypt is back free by the will of its youth and the entire Egyptian people. no more fear, oppression or violence. we will build our new Egypt on the basis of equality, justice, freedom and faith. please don’t forget making Dua` to the martyrs of the Egyptian revolution may Allah the Almighty grant them mercy and jazak allahu khairan brother suhaib you and your crew for the great efforts and the entire Muslim nation…Long live Egypt

  34. fatima says:

    maashaa`alaah, alxamdulilaah, now please help your people protect your religion and territory never allow any one harm them. salaams

  35. Tariq says:

    may Allah lead this revolution in the right direction and let Egypt become a torch bearer for the rest of the world…

  36. Barbara says:

    Assalam o Alaikum wa-Rahmatullahi Wabaraaka-tuhu, such a strong message of hope through faith by the Egyptian People for the whole world to behold. Allah is gathering His people, lending His strength to each soul longing to be guided by Him.Oh Egypt you are a voice of hope reaching us all!

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