Future Imams: We are Engaged in 1,000 year old Theological Wars and Our Communities Bleed

Let’s Get with Reality and Deal with the Real

A few years back, while in the states, I received a chilling phone call from a scared sister; voice shaking and tears falling she said, “Suhaib, my husband… my husband beat me! He beat me in front of our apartment in front of the non-Muslims!” I later found out that she went to the hospital with a fractured skull.

Brothers, I’m new to this internet game but what I’ve seen disgusts me. We are arguing, and I’m guilty of this as well, over issues that have no impact on our communities except leading by real bad examples. I encourage myself and all of our future Imams, leaders and Shuyukh to get with the real. Take a look at this video and realize that these things are happening in your communities and arguing the finner points of aqida, destroying each other and establishing your kingdom are not going to do much to help. Our communities are dying and we are fighting over very trivial issues. I ask for your forgiveness if I’ve done anything to any of you. Let’s move forward and benefit our societies.

Warning: Graphic Video Below

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  1. Aysha Khanom says:

    Asalamu Alaykum

    SubhanAllah, its so sad to know that this goes on everyday… yet we are unknown to it.

    This can ruin a person’s mind, lifes and families.

    Cultural values and pressure put women in a very hard situation, and it all leads to a vicious cycle…
    I pray Allah gives these women to speak out against injustice against them..ameen


  2. Mohammed says:

    Imam Suhaib, i was shocked to see this on the same page when the video you put up finished. I can’t believe what this man is preaching. Please tell me he’s got it wrong!


  3. admin says:

    Asalamu alaykum,


    This guy is out of it. I would pay him no attention.


  4. Owoothoobillahi min ash-shaytaan ar-rajeem. Starting to get a bit angry over that guy yelling at his wife in the video. Subhan Allah, these things happen in our communities so often, how can we overlook them?

    How do we raise awareness for issues like this within the community, when many of our masaajid won’t pay any attention to anyone who’s under the age of 30 or not making $250,000 a year?

  5. Abu Majeed says:

    Jazaka Allahu khair akhi,

    I encourage anyone to send this link to all their freinds and family

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