Living Islam in America


  1. B.A. says:


    Quick favour – would you guys be able to convert it into an audio file in shaa Allaah? (Unless there’s a way I can do it myself, in which case pls do let me know!)

    JazakumAllahu khair!


    • sabirah says:

      salam, there are free youtube to mp3 converters, you can just google it and download one. I have most of Suhaib’s videos converted that way (it’s easier to knit a scarf without having to look at the vdo:)). Only thing is that it can take ages for a good quality mp3

      • MW_M says:

        I tried that, but it’s only for youtube. I couldn’t find this lecture on youtube, is it available there?

        • sabirah says:

          you got me there, i didn’t notice it’s vimeo – that needs premium subscription for most programmes… i guess it’s now to SDW to upload it to youtube inshaAllah :)

  2. Mohsin says:

    I wanted to know what happened to the “Women in the Quran” lectures on Imam Suhaib’s youtube channel? It was a 4 part series at the MCA. They were there one day and that same day taken down. Will you post them again? I’m very eager to listen to them! May Allah reward your efforts. Ameen.

  3. farhad says:


    Instead of universals, I feel a better term is principles or values. It seems to resonate with people.

    Ive been asking myself as a father, what principles or values do I want to teach my children. I’ve asked ‘religious folk’, what are the principles of Islam? There is no clarity or consensus. They respond with actions not principles like Salah or Fasting.

    Honesty, family or tolerance, etc. This is not on the forefront because scholars dont talk in terms of principles.

    However, when I speak to people of some other faiths. They speak in terms of principles. Their religion is about service, generosity and social justice, etc.

    • Suhaib Webb says:

      Asalamu alaykum,

      Arabic is so sensitive the switching the terms could have a serious impact. There is a big different between kuliyat (universals) and qawaid (principles). Inshallah, as time goes on, and literacy increases, the difference will be clearer.


  4. بارك الله فيك أخي في الله صيب ويب وحفظك آمين

  5. Justin says:

    As-Salaamu Alaykum,

    This is a very nice lecture. Thank you Shaykh Suhaib.

  6. Azeem says:

    I want to know the resolution on the mono and dyglicerides issue

    …..(just playing!).

  7. Necmeddin says:

    s. alaikom,

    DOWNLOAD link for AUDIO FILE: (I converted the video to 128 kbps mp3 file: 64 MB) Webb – Living Islam in America.mp3

    Necmeddin (Najm ad-deen)

  8. Andrew Booso says:

    As-salam alaykum

    People, don’t sleep on this lecture because you will missing a great deal.

    I loved the following:
    1) our problematic state of scholarship in West, and the need for intellectual and financial patronage for developing the profound scholarship needed for our time
    2) increasing religious literacy that does not mean that people are scholars just because they are well-versed in numerous religious sciences
    3) to raise the level of discourse, rather than just give talks in which the audience know everything mentioned, or the audience just acts like ‘fans’
    4) the message that when you come to an Imam Suhaib lecture, then bring your pen and pad, because he’s not on stage to get busy whilst you’re just entertained
    5) the call for profound brotherhood and spirituality

    May Allah bless you, increase you and make all your affairs graced with tawfiq, amin

  9. Suhaib Webb says:

    Asalamu alaykum,

    Jazakallahu khayran, akhi. Your words and duas mean a lot.


    • Nasreen Khan says:

      Assalaamu Alaikum!

      Jazaakallah Khairan Jiddan for the wonderful speech. It is extremely informative and absolutely relevant. May Allah SWT increase your eemaan, ilm, hikmah and the tawfeeq to continue to educate the Muslim Ummah with such inspiring talks. Ameen.


  10. Dawud Israel says:

    Jazaka Allahu khayran! Mashallah. So many smiling faces in that audience.

    Here are some notes I took from this talk, not the best unfortunately and for that I apologize:

  11. Saeed Khan says:

    You truly are one of the “Ghazis” of Dr. Iqbal. Koing doing!!
    ALLAH bless you & your family

  12. MUNTARI YARO says:

    Alhamdulillahi Rabbi Alamin.

    It is very important as you are doing this kind of work in islam in a country that many people does not know how marriage works in islam, it is an added advantage to both Muslims and Christian. Please keep it up, may the Almighty Allah bless you and the organization, amin.

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