Da`wah with Swag

Imam Suhaib Webb spoke at the Qurtuba Institute’s event hosted by the ADAMS Center. He spoke about da`wah and how Muslim Americans can be more effective on outreaching to others.


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  1. Munirah T. says:

    Da’wah with swag! Had always enjoyed Imam Suhaib Webb’s speeches. Especially the speeches he gave when he visited Malaysia.

    Speaking of Da’wah, below is my style of Da’wah. A Ramadan spot about a regular Muslim’s guy’s struggle during Ramadan. Would really appreciate if you brothers & sisters could give feedback. I hope that Allah SWT accepts my ibadah and may Allah rewards us all.


  2. brooke says:

    I really love the subject and delivery of this topic. Sheikh Suhaib never disappoints, of course. But I’m often disappointed by the audio quality of Islamic lectures. The reverb on the audio makes it difficult for me to understand many points. So inshaAllah we’re better than this and deserve better, try to improve that component of the experience. JAK for your efforts, they really are appreciated despite my little criticism.

  3. Mohd Aman says:

    Please improve the sound it echos, tried very hard to listen to the Khutba.

  4. This is what INSHALLAH CLOTHING Co. is all about!!

  5. saud says:

    This is REAL SON!

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