The Qur’an: Our Lifelong Companion

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One of the reasons many of us have difficulty connecting with the Qur’an is because we simply see it only as a Holy Book.

But what if we realized the Qur’an is more than a book? What if we realized the Qur’an is a lifelong, passionate relationship that we simply have not yet experienced?

In this workshop, we discuss barriers to establishing a relationship with the Qur’an and ways through which we can successfully move forward, build that passionate relationship, and make a life-long commitment to the best partner in the world.

Please note: This workshop was geared towards college students at the MSA West conference in California. Therefore, the presentation style, lingo and cultural references are those made specifically for that demographic.

For a recording with more focus on slides, watch here.

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  1. MARYAM M. says:

    Aslaamu Alaikum, sis i read your post about memorizing quran, where i noticed you memorized the quran MashAllah, Im memorizing Quran too Alhudmolilah. so i want to know if we can be like Quran buddys? Please let me know what you think here:

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