The Might of Tawakkul

Sometimes we don’t realize how weak we are as humans. We assume success and ease is what we accomplished ourselves, but what we fail to see is how God supports us through our paths. It’s like the ground we walk on – we fail to appreciate it and become arrogant in ourselves.

Had God taken His Support away, then we would realize the burden of doing one simple task. The magnitude of our need of God manifests when we are left on our own. When God places hardship in our path, our trust in Him stumbles, and we sometimes turn away, thinking we can accomplish success in other ways. We rant and rave as though we know what is best. But we find that path to be a struggle, not because God deserted us, but because we deserted the trust in God.

Yet, even then, His Mercy extends so far that He still continues to show us better paths, and helps us to return to Him.

It is sufficient for the believer to wander blindly, on the path of God, as blindness on God’s path is not being blind – it is beyond any illumination, for God does not forsake us – rather His Light of Guidance is our limbs and our sight.

And whoever relies upon Allah – then He is sufficient for him.

(Qur’an, 65:3)

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