Umm and Ummah

2472441512_bd07882570_oby Aasiyah Abdul Musawwir

Arabic, you are the tongue
of my spirit
And Wallahi,
it is no coincidence that
umm, “mother,”
and Ummah, “community,”
come from the same root.

I talk a lot about this hijab…

You ask me if it is mandated –

I will tell you it is
the umbilical chord
sustaining my connection
to a spiritual line of wombs
swung the sword
rocked the podium
graced the pen
and raised a generation of
“knights by day,
and monks by night.”

Because ‘the rope
of the believers’
is a thirty inch
with yellow flowers
embroidered into the edges.

This rope –
this scarf
is Asmaa’s sash
and it has met the rocky pathways
gracefully bearing sustenance.

I am holding on Ya Allah
I am holding because
Maryam is on the other end
grasping as she did the trunk of a palm tree
calling out your name

I am holding because
Aasiyah smiles towards the heavens
Even as her wrists are twisted in this rope
And the men are approaching with a boulder
Hold tight to the rope
and pray Aasiyah
Just pray…

I am holding because
Khadijah’s fingers grace the fringes
the fingers that tousled a beloved head of hair
as he cried
‘Dathiruni dathiruni!’

Umm and Ummah

This hijab
declares proud lineage

not of blood –
but of light.

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  1. Amatullah says:

    jazaki Allahu khayran, that was beautiful.

  2. Beautiful poem for a beautiful topic. Thanks for the posting!

  3. Anam Majeed says:

    Mashallah I love this! This is real talent, what a beautiful piece of work!

  4. brother says:

    She’s got skills with words no doubt! May Allah bless you for your passion sister. You inspire me to want to write again.

  5. Marya says:

    This is stunning masha’Allah, may Allah swt bless your words with light, beauty and truth.

  6. hamid says:


    simply sweet and beautiful.

    may almighty bless you immensely.

  7. hamid says:


    great efforts,keep it up!

  8. Sis H says:

    MashaaAllah this gave me tears in my eyes. Beautiful.

  9. Nadeen says:

    Masha’Allah, this poem blew my mind, from your word choice to the imagery added in. May Allah (SWT) bless you with unlimited knowledge.

  10. mother says:

    This is beautiful masha’Allah, Please keep writing.

  11. Asad123 says:

    A smart, elegant, and beautiful poem

  12. Farah says:

    Subhahanallah! just beautiful and so very meaningful

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