“Baba! I want a GPS!” Parental Growing Pains in the Trenches of Childhood

Asalamu alaykum,

A few months ago, while speaking to my 6 year old, the following transpired:

Six Year Old: “Bob [Short for Baba]: can you bring me something from America?”

Suhaib: “Sure, insha’Allah. What is it?”

Six Year Old: “I [makes that cool six year old breathing sound between thoughts], I wanna GPS?”

Suhaib:  Thinking “Subhanallah! What have I gotten myself into?”

Six Year Old: “Bob!”

Suhaib: “Yes, yes, okay. Why do you want a GPS?”

Six Year Old: [More cool breathing sounds] “Because I can play with it. I want a GPS!”

Suddenly eight year old yells in the background:


Six Year Old: “Yeah! Bob! I want a PSP!”

After I arrived to Egypt and met up with the troops, six year old comes to me and says:

“Where’s the GPS?”

Imam Sayid ibn Musayib said, “A father will be raised [his stations with Allah] after his death when his children raise their hands for him [in supplication].”

May Allah protect yours and ours, and make them from the righteous

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  1. Ahmed says:

    As salaamu alaikum – Hahahahah, that was a lovely and sweet story! Made me laugh when the kids corrected “GPS” to “PSP!” Aww, ma’sha’allah, they sound like absolute darlings. Bless them with full and successful lives and indeed, make them of the righteous. AMEEN!

  2. Marya says:

    masha’Allah, this is just too precious. :)

  3. AbdelRahman says:

    Masha Allah, adorable.

    So does the ending statement of Imam Sayid imply that you did in fact get the PSP for them? ;-)

  4. Amani says:

    Lol – aww mashaAllah

    May Allah swt bless you, your wife and your children in this life and the next


  5. Faiez says:

    haha masha’Allah

  6. aftab says:

    ha ha…LOL…

    thats a cute and lovely reminder.

  7. Adeel says:

    hahaha subhanAllah, i miss the two rascals!

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