It’s Tough Being a Girl

Many of the discussions that exist around gender in the Muslim community, both in the United States and abroad, have not fruitful. In this khutbah, Imam Latif speaks about the need for Muslim women to empower themselves through knowledge and also discusses how Muslims on a whole have failed to treat their women with the dignity and respect that they deserve.

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  1. Yo says:


    Thanks for sharing. I have issues with the title. What does he mean by girl? I’m a woman. The females he’s talking about are women not just girls. Watch yo’ self homie.



  2. Mehreen says:

    Awesome lecture…JazakaAllah Khair.

  3. yoyoyo says:

    Salam Alaikum yo,

    What is the gender opposite of the word “guy”?
    What about the word “boy” ?

    Should we fret about semantics?

  4. Aisha telb says:

    Very true ,much strength comes thru muslim women

  5. forever a student of Islam says:

    i can’t hear a thing :( i know there is nothing wrong with my speakers because i can hear other youtube videos, it’s just this one doesn’t work for me. why? :(

  6. Sofia says:

    me too No hear anything and my computer in gOOd cOnditIOn!..


    • forever a student of Islam says:

      that’s true yeah, same problem with me. i went and checked it from the source itself on Youtube, and it was also not working properly.

  7. Aisha says:

    Subhan Allah. Amazing !!!!!!

  8. fatima says:

    thank you so much.

  9. fatima says:

    subxaanallah,yaa sheikh maashaa`alaah. hsukran.

  10. Ummah says:


    Jazzak Allah for sharing this video…Everything said by him is so true…

  11. Una Persona says:

    Love this khutbah.

    To anyone still having problems hearing, please note that the audio in the video comes almost entirely from the left speaker.

  12. Ivana says:

    He talks about women getting out there and getting themselves educated about their deen. That’s great! But my question is how can women get authentic knowledge is most of the scholars they study from are men? So, aren’t we trapped again to get their opinion, their interpretation on the knowledge available?

  13. Lauren says:

    May Allahswt bless this imam for this lecture on this very important topic. This is really an important topic.

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