Night Before ‘Eid: Stories from Muslim Children!


by Ayesha | A Nightingale

In 4th grade Islamic studies we’re finishing up a unit on Ramadan. It’s fun talking about Ramadan with my students. Their perception of Eid in school is so different from mine when I was their age.

I gave my students an assignment to write about their favorite Eid they could remember. The stories were wonderful. Now I will share my favorites with you – with the original spelling and grammar, of course!

The night before eid I got into my bed and went to sleep. The next morning my dad woke me up. I got out of bed and dressed up. And then we went to the Eid place. We made ower sallah and went with my cousin (which I allways go with). Then I went to wallmart and byed my Nintendo DS. Then we played with Omer and Ommar. Then I played with my Nintendo DS. Then we went to chaky chies. Than I went to sleep warmly. – Abdulaziz

Warmly! :)

On the night before my favorite Eid, I went to the Masjid and got locked in the babysitting room. Luckily, Khaled was with me. The movie that they had was boring so Khaled and I devised a plan. Khaled was going to unplug the TV after I turned off the lights. Then we would run out. It worked completely! When I got home, I was so exhausted from running so much, that the minute I got on my bed, I fell asleep. On the morning of Eid, my mom made a huge breakfast. She made pancakes, bacon, waffles, eggs, omlets, and even French toast! I was so full. In the car, my family recited the takbeer. After the sallah, six 5th graders tried to beat me up, but they couldn’t! I don’t know why though. Anayway, after that, we went to Paradise Park. That place was awsome! It had go-carts, laser tag, a trampoline, rock climbing and a huge arcade! But before we went there, we went to GameStop. There I bought Star Fox Assult and Super Mario Duluxe. After all that, I fell asleep in the car home. that was my Eid. –Amer

And one more.

One morning I got up very madly forgetting it was Eid. When my mom reminded me that it was Eid I got so happy, got dressed, woke up my sisters, ate breakfast, jumped in the car and drove to Zaynabs house. When we got there Hafsah opened the door. Hafsah and Maaria were already there. My mom and I blew balloons. Some other Muslims arrived. After that Noor and her friend Sarah arrived. Then my mom left and said Eid Mubarak to everyone. Then we ate some delicious food that Sr. Rizwana made. Then Sarah, Noor, Zaynab and I played alot of fun games in the basement. –Muneerah

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  1. **** says:

    MashAllah these are so cute!!! The ‘Omer and Ommar’ made me laugh.

  2. iman says:

    the “Omer and Ommar” made me laugh as well…

  3. Elzaharna says:

    chaky chieses, where kid can be a kid :)

  4. Ghazala says:

    The second story…

    Amer ate bacon!?!?

    and then recited the takbeer in the car!?!?

  5. nour says:

    haha i love these.
    there is halal bacon! its most likely turkey bacon.

    i love chaky chies. my niece and nephew love that place.

  6. Mona says:

    Omg all da stories are shoooo cute, i actually want islamic stories for kids….i want dem for my sister whuz 8 and niece whuz 5 they love reading islamic stories ….can sum1 tell me da website plssss

  7. Marya says:

    so cute, masha’Allah. :) may Allah subhanahu wa ta`ala bless them with joyous Eid celebrations their whole lives!

  8. Jinan says:

    This is soooo cute. MashAllah!

  9. Muslema says:

    Can we have an encore article on “The Day of Eid” :D

  10. Ahmed says:

    Aww, such adorable stories ma’sha’allah! Jazak’Allahu Khairan for sharing them!

  11. afsheen iman says:

    MashaAllah.. nice story…

  12. Kadhijah says:

    Masha Allah soo cute (L)
    and yes sister Ayesha, their views of eid are entirely differentm in comparison to mine when i was a kid as well, haha.. Love the Nintendo DS guy (L)

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