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Allah subhanahu wa ta`la (exalted is He) has given Himself Names and attributes (siffat) so that we can know Him. What is most amazing and beautiful about Allah’s Names is that through them, you can see how your Creator recognizes the needs of His creation.

We all need sustenance; and He is al-Razzaaq, The Provider. We all need love; and He is al-Wadud, The Most Loving. We all need protection; and Allah is al-Hafidh, The Guardian. What we need the most is the very thing of which Allah (swt) has an unlimited supply.

And so sometimes we are put through things to know Allah (swt). Sometimes it is to open your eyes to your own flaws so that you can change. But whatever it is, if you realize that the answer to any problem is through Him, and that He suffices all your needs, then your relief is already at hand.

Recently, I found myself to be very lost. And this was alarming because I used to be a person who had direction. I thought I knew where I was going and what I was doing. But things started to fall apart, internally. I wasn’t sure anymore. And then I realized I had three choices – to continue to do what I was doing without putting in any extra thought, to give up entirely, or to re-assess and re-orient.

And because this feeling persisted for a while, I realized something else. I came to know Allah’s attribute of Guidance.

Sometimes this feeling of being lost can bring us closer to Allah (swt).

What is the meaning of this problem? Why are we stuck? We need to feel as though we do not know where we are going, because that is when we start searching. And that is precisely when Allah (swt) shows you that He is The Guide (al-Haadi), and how life changes when the Light of God is in it.

Perhaps you started out something with a sense of purpose, but in your journey you were knocked off the path towards the greater goal. You need al-Haadi. Maybe you are having some sort of mid-life crisis. You need al-Haadi. And we cannot for one moment believe that there is no way out and no right path. Allah (swt) says in a hadith qudsi (record of the words of the Prophet ﷺ, peace be upon him),

“O My servants, all of you are astray except for those I have guided, so seek guidance of Me and I shall guide you,” (Muslim).

As Allah (swt) gave Himself the attributes of Guidance and Light, how can we ever believe that we will be in darkness for too long?

Say, for example, you are drowning in a pool. Who will you usually call out for? The lifeguard. The lifeguard is already there, watching out for people, and because that is his job, when you call out to him he’ll jump in there to save you. Now Allah (swt) is over and above any analogy, but as Allah (swt) gave Himself the attribute of guidance, telling you that He is THE Guide and He is THE Light of the heavens and the earth, then how can you be lost for too long? Especially if you seek Him. Are we saying that lifeguards do their job better than Allah (swt)?

So what does it mean to go to Allah al-Haadi? It means to take the first step of realizing that He has this attribute, and having the certainty that Allah (swt) will not turn a seeker away. Secondly, it means to ask Him. Make du`a’ (supplication), pray istikhara (the prayer for guidance) and talk to Him. Thirdly, it means to use the means around us. Re-assess your goals, seek people’s advice and take the steps needed to try to find an answer. When we feel an internal instability, these steps may be hard, but Allah (swt) tells us “And those who strive for Us – We will surely guide them to Our ways […]” (Qur’an, 29:69).

And so we have to strive. We have to search. It will be hard. And there will be moments of confusion. But the Prophet ﷺ taught us: “Know that victory comes with patience, relief with affliction, and ease with hardship,” (Tirmidhi).

One final action is that we cannot let Shaytan (the devil) make us lose hope and make us keep questioning ourselves. There is a point when confusion becomes wiswaas (whispers) – a sort of paranoia from the Devil. Only when we realize that Allah (swt) is the ultimate Guide and we are seeking Him in the proper way, will we gain full trust in Him and know that He will not allow us to be led astray.

“So those who believe in Allah and hold fast to Him – He will admit them to mercy from Himself and bounty and guide them to Himself on a straight path.” (Qur’an, 4:175)

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  1. Khadija says:

    “What is most amazing and beautiful about Allah’s Names is that through them, you can see how your Creator recognizes the needs of His creation.”

    What a beautifully worded statement. I found this to be true when a beloved teacher of mine passed away. Allah (swt) call Himself al-Jabbar, the Repairer. Knowing that Allah (swt) was there to repair my broken heart was one of the only things that comforted me during that time. There’s even an article on SuhaibWebb about the name al-Jabbar.

  2. Aainaa Razali says:

    I feel so relief after read this article. Jazakallahu khairan jazaa’. Thank you Allah for the guide and for all that I have..

  3. Hudda says:

    JzakiAllahu khairan dear Jinan for this article! May Allah continually guide as to the straight path, to know Him and His names and to always seek Him.

  4. Yasmin says:

    Jazakallah khair for this beautiful and much needed reminder!

  5. Hafsa says:

    Beautiful article, one i’m bookmarking & going to share! jazakallah khair

  6. Kay H says:

    Thank you so much for this very well written article. Let’s continue to seek guidance from Allah, and may He guide us to the straight path, and may He protect us from being led astray by the devils.

  7. AbdelRahnan Mussa says:

    BarakAllah feeki.

  8. Adielah says:

    Thank you so much for this beautiful article surely ALLAH is al-Haadi for guideing u to write this

    i myself feel very lost at this present moment in my life i have felt this way for a long time but i will never loos my faith in ALLAH (swt)He but alone knows my heart and He surely new how i needed the words of this beautiful article in my life Mashallah….

    Jazakalah khair to u…

  9. Mofeda says:

    Jazaki Allahu khair!

    This article came in perfect timing, subhanAllah! It’s just what I needed. I’ve been searching the web for this exact reminder.

  10. Harris says:

    Please make dua for me, a young teen struggling with the deen. I am tethering on the board of faith to the pits of disbelief. Please I need help or someone to help with my deen. Can anyone help?

    • Cyrena says:

      Go to your local masjid if you can see an imam or see someone you can trust and can talk to you
      Surround yourself with fellow Muslims – who remind you about purpose of life and our goal in this dunja as Muslims

      • H. says:

        It might be much better to be a recluse teenager than to go out into the world. When I go back to my high school, I feel like I will not be the same. I’ll feel like I will be on the far side of the spectrum, trying to be modest. I feel as though I might be terse and impolite. I keep hearing to lower the gaze. I also do not see how I will look at my female teachers. I also need to work with females in student government, but I need help balancing my deen and this part of my worldly affairs.

        Also, some of the ahadith about the adultery of the body paths seem like they convey the message that it is only with lust and when you are in a public place.

        I might be wrong here, but maybe there are two extremes on this.

        Is the world suppose to be two polar regions: one for males and one for females?

        I truly believe that men and women can work together without being lewd and immodest, but I could be wrong.

        “The believing men and the believing women, they are the friends of one another. They command what is right and forbid what is wrong…” (Qur’an 9:71)

        May Allah lead us to the straight path.

  11. Cyrena says:

    Jazzakumullah chairan – it’s really what my heart & soul needed – back to the right path reminder!

  12. HS says:

    Awesome reflection – jazaki Allahu khairan!! Verse 29:69 is one of my absolute favourites…gives me a lot of hope!

  13. Shima says:

    Jazakallah for the reminder to not giving up hope. I relate to the article very much and I know for a fact that Allah is always there for me, you and all no matter how bad our situation is, if we constantly seek guidance from HIM.. Your idea to write this inspiring article comes from Allah…Subhanallah, HE is indeed Allah Al Haadi for guiding you to write such article and reminding us that HOPE AND HELP ARE ALWAYS THERE FROM ALLAH ALMIGHTY.May Allah’s help and guidance be always with us through this journey called life.. Ameen

  14. AQ says:

    Jazakallah Khair for the uplifting post! I truly needed this right now! May Allah reward you with Jannatul Firdous! Ameen

  15. Nafiul Azim says:

    great job! jazakAllah khayrun!!!

  16. Ahmed says:

    Sr. Jinan!!!

    Ma’sha’allah, just came across the newest article, Part VI, and realized I had missed the start of this series!

    Jazak’Allahu Khairan, I know this will be a very beneficial set of articles for all of us, just as teh Salah series was. Time to catch up on the rest of the parts :-)

    P.S. As of September, it’s Dr. Ahmed :-)

  17. ish says:

    Alhamdulillah…very beneficial article…may Allah SWT bless the work that you did !!

  18. Greene says:

    Jazakallah khair for a wonderful article!

  19. Sara says:

    Jazak Allah Khair Sr. Jinan! I came across this article at the exact time when I needed it. All Praises be to Allah! At some places, it felt as if you were writing the thoughts going on in my mind. Subhan Allah! This has helped me get direction on how to seek the Guide.
    It’s an awesome and much-needed series.May Allah reward you tremendously for these beautifully written words. Ameen

  20. Mounawwar says:

    Asalaamoualaikoum brother & sisters;
    Great article, actually, I have been inspired as a graphic designer to design a big wall poster about (1×1.5 meters) to be placed in Mosques/Madressa etc.
    In this poster I intend to 1st introduce the right way of thinking about Allah’s (SWT) Names, then 2nd part is to make a big chart of those names, not only with translation but also with a description. So that people in mosque could learn each time they come & go out of mosques.

    I would like you knowing I am doing my researches and I will continue with my work with an extract of your shared knowledge. (my project is on the long term about 1year to be on the final stage [printing], you are most welcome to help if you want, you can contact me by my email

    AllahuAkbar, Alhamdoulliah, SoubahanRabi-Al-Allah

  21. Dini says:

    Assalamu alaykum, this article is so encouraging me :) and my imaan condition now, thank you very much. May Allah SWT blesses and rewards you with kindness always, aameen…

    Wassalamu alaykum.

  22. Shena says:

    Alhamdulilah, during the last few days i have started to learn the names and attributes of ALLAH SWT, with my son, and i came across this article, it is very good MaShaAllah, may He accept your good work and enable you to do more beneficial work for the deen, Ameen

  23. SM says:

    Asalamualaikum Masha’Allah this article was very Amazing, may Allah reward you! It’s like when you learn about Allah you realize how much He cares about us and how much He deserves to be worshipped and how easy it is to love Him SubhanAllah, Mashallah, Alhamdulilah!

  24. Jafar says:

    Masha Allah… JazakAllahu khira..

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