Ponder, Think, and Reflect

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Excerpts from a speech delivered by Rhonda Ragab and Aslam Akhtar

`Umar ibn al-Khattab (radi Allahu `anhu - may Allah be pleased with him) said, “Criticize and appraise yourselves before you are criticized and appraised on the Day of Judgment, and weigh out your deeds, before they are weighed out for you.”

We should all take the time to ponder, think, and reflect on our state, asking:

  • What are my weaknesses?
  • When’s the last time I enjoyed my prayer?
  • When’s the last time I read the Qur’an alone?
  • How many times do I check my email in comparison to opening the Mushaf (written form of the Qur’an)?
  • How often do I read text messages and emails in comparison to the words and guidance from Allah (subhanahu wa ta`ala – exalted be He)?
  • When’s the last time I cried in front of Allah (swt)?
  • Is my recitation at the level where it should be or am I hesitant to recite? What am I doing to improve it?
  • How much do I know about the beloved Prophet Muhammad ﷺ in comparison to how much I know about Kobe Bryant, Tiger Woods, Lady Gaga, or Barack Obama?
  • How can I love the Prophet ﷺ more than myself if I don’t know him?
  • Over the holidays, what personal form of worship did I do between just Allah and myself?
  • When’s the last time I wrote down goals for myself?
  • When’s the last time I reflected and learned from something from the book of guidance that is the literal word of our Creator?
  • When the angel of death asks me, “Who is your Lord?” will I be able to respond?
  • Who is my Lord? What do I really know about Allah (swt)? Do I love Allah (swt)?
  • Do I appreciate the countless blessings Allah has bestowed upon me?
  • What’s fueling my activism?
  • How much music do I have memorized in comparison to the Qur’an?
  • When will we change?
  • When will I change?
  • How will I keep myself accountable?
  • What am I waiting for?
  • What if I die before I change?

    May Allah (swt) guide us towards the actions that please Him and give us the strength to leave the actions that displease Him. May Allah (swt) make the Qur’an beloved to us. May Allah (swt) help us hold ourselves accountable before we are held accountable and shower us with His mercy and compassion. Ameen.

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    1. Aziza says:

      Mash’Allah.. These are the questions we’re supposed to be asking ourselves everyday!
      It’s great to have them in front of us in written form, that way we can read them once a month (or a week even) and see if we’ve achieved anything.

      Jazakom Allah khayr!

    2. Saifa says:

      Jazakullah. Great wake up call.

    3. Maryam says:

      Jezakuma Allahu Khayran, very beneficial Alhamdulilah

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