How Does One Enter Al-Azhar?

Bismellah wa salatu wa salamu ala sayedenaa rasulellaah salahualayhe wa salam:

What you need to know to get into Al-Azhar in Brief:

1. Try to have no less than 2 juz of Qur’an memorized.

2. If you are not fluent in Arabic consider studying in an Arabic center in Cairo for a year before taking the exams. al-Azhar has no department for teaching Arabic to non-Arabs. In addition, teachers utilize both Egyptian colloquial and Fusha. However, most of instruction in al-Azhar is conducted in Fusha and if requested, Fusha it will be employed to accommodate you.

3. Being a student of knowledge is a serious endeavor. Thus, I advise brothers and sisters to exhaust all their local resources before setting off to study in Egypt. It is wise to utilize the scholars and Imams in your locality before setting abroad. This is also the is the Sunnah of the Ulema –to learn firstly in one’s locality before traveling abroad to seek knowledge. Once you have exhausted your resources then you should prepare yourself to study abroad.

It makes little to no sense for a person to travel to Egypt to learn a basic book of Fiqh, Tajwid or some other science that can be learned in our lands, in the West. The Islamic sciences can be learned at a basic introductory level in our home countries as we have many teachers who are well qualified and experienced in teaching at this level. Also, failing to study in our countries for introductory level instruction undercuts the efforts of the Institutions in the West that are aiming at disseminating Islamic education.

4. It is beneficial to remember that al-Azhar, in its hey day, existed in a first world setting. Currently, Egypt no longer occupies a first world position as it once did. This is why the student of knowledge encounters many challenges and tends to be saddened by his or her experience.

Despite the challenges one may face given third world conditions is one is patient there is much benefit to be found in the Azhar of today that exists in a third world setting. Currentyl, al-Azhar is witnessing a revival so classes are to be found in the masjid at various levels and are possessed of a high degree of organization despite the environmental pressures. Cairo is one of the world’s largest cities numerically being thus one finds all the problems of a big city. Despite, pollution and the hecticness of life in Cairo and the city slicker attitude one comes to encounter there is much knowledge to be gained and many lessons to be learned in the city of a 1000 minarets. The student should not expect utopia but that does not preclude that he or she will not find the intellectual and spiritual jewels that prompt the student of knowledge to travel. It must be said that these jewels are found only by the student who is willing to endure and struggle and sacrifice for knowledge and seeks to please Allah {swt} in the contemporary world.

5. Having Ikhlaas and a heart dedicated to your Lord in the process of registering. You are required to have 5 photo copies of your passport, three passport pictures [to be taken in Egypt] , a letter from your embassy granting you permission to study in Egypt. In addition, you are required to have blood work done either the Hussein Hospital or the Zahraa hospital both which are under the supervision of al-Azhar and yo must have paper work given to you by the majma bahouth [registrar’s office] so that the results of your blood work is recorded and presented to al-Azhar so that your paper work is complete. al-Azhar recognizes blood work from the two hospitals mentioned as they are under the Azhari system.

You may need proof that you are Muslim if your name Islamic and written on your passport. You can a certificate declaring your profession of faith from the mashaikha or the office of Shaikh al-Azhar which is close to the al-Azhar masjid.

Subject matters that compromise the entrance exam:

1. Hadith

2. Nahu

3. Sarf

4. Balagha

5. Fiqh according to one of the four schools

6. Aqeeda (according to the ‘Ashari school [what is required in this area is very basic information])

7. Sirah

8. Tafsir

You can find the books that will help you for the entrance exams behind Masjid al-Azhar in the Dar al-Atrak area. There is a book shop known as al-maktab al-Azhariyah and they have what are known as the Tawdih series (Yes, Azhari cliff notes) for every subject that one is tested in.

There are oral exams along with written exams. After you take the oral exams you will be placed in the part of the examination process which requires writing it consists of the eight subjects listed above. Depending on how well you prepare for the tests you will be either placed in the middle school or the high school. Most students who prepare well invest 1 to 2 years in the high school wherein they study al-Fiyah ibn Malik, a madhab, arabic rhetoric and literature and hadith and tafsir etc. The base of Azhari education is in its high school system. Education there is not bad at all, you will study a number of good traditional texts there.

After a few months (because the exams to get in are in the middle of the year) you will be eligible to take two exams:

If you failed to make it to the last year of high school then you can test for the next year (to move up a grade). Or you can take the test to get into the university (in other words kinda like a test for the high school diploma.) If you pass the exit exam you can chose from one of the following colleges:

* Usol al-Din
* Shari’ah
* Arabic language
* Qur’an (eight year program)
* Dawa
* Islamic studies

The first two have the best reputation. However, don’t expect anything like your used to back home. there is NO ORGANIZATION so you must have a great deal of patience.

6. Exams start in late October early November. Thus, you need to have your paper work turned in to the office of foreign students in Nasir City by September/late August.

This office is behind the Women’s dorms located at the intersection of Mustapha Nahas and Tayran streets. It is one the sixth or eighth floor of the building. The building is simply known as the Idara. Go there around 10 am. The will close very shortly after the noon prayer.

7. Finally, Egypt is made up of all types of groups from the Salafis to the Shadhulis. Thus, students who have a balanced outlook and avoid being too extreme, and carry themselves in a balanced manner are successful in Egypt as they are able to deal with the diversity which represents the society and the Muslim ummah.

Remember the statement of your Lord,

“Thus we’ve made you a balanced nation.” Although you have these different groups there is a general feeling of love and brotherhood amongst most of them which we lack in the West.”

Why al-Azhar?:

One of the reasons that I chose al-Azhar and why I would recommend it, is because of the depth and maturity in outlook that the program cultitvates. You will not come out of Egypt hating sufis, bashing salafis and spending your life on mundane issues. You will, inshallah, come out with a profound respect for others and a love and concern for humanity. You will learn to appreciate your condition and strive harder to be a better human being and service society muslim and otherwise. It is really something incredible here to meet, live with and read from so many persons of different thoughts, ideas and orientations, so many scholars.


If you want to come here to start the latest click, cool fad or are bent on being intolerant of others then this is the wrong place to come. People come here to help the Ummah and be of benefit to humanity.

I encourage all of you, who are serious students to come, I’m your brother here and you will find me more than willing to help you the best I can. We have now, by Allah’s blessing, around 10 students in al-Azhar form the West and a few more entering this year. Thus, you are welcome.

Which is better Syria/Egypt?

This is really a very harmful question. All of these places have benefit. I’ve seem some amazing students come out of all of these lands and I’ve seen my share of flunkies. As one of our teachers told us, “99% of it rest on the student’s heart and his hal with Allah.” Thus, let’s avoid this type of dangerous competition and say, “All are, inshallah, on goodness from Allah.” I have nothing but respect and awe for the students of knowledge from Sham and other places and feel that they are really very special people. Let move towards developing each other and not destroying each other.


1. Up until now Al-Azhar is free although there is a rumor that they will begin to charge Westerners $400.00 yearly next year. However, books and everything are very cheap here in Egypt. For example I bought the ‘Amir’s printing of Lisan al-’Arab for $75 USD.
2. Living is cheap as well for many. But for families it can get interesting. There are a number of Islamic schools for children here and some of them can get a little pricey. At the same time there are others that are good and the price is decent.
3. If you are married make sure brothers to involve your wife in the process. There are many great Women scholars here and a number of places for women to study. However, it is important to get out and not live in the Arabic language centers. That is a first step and you should try to move beyond that after you have a good mastery of the language.
4. It is important to surround yourself with Westerners who can help you and keep you cool. Egyptian people are very good but poverty is eating at the faith like a termite eats wood. Things are not easy for them. You will see a lot of boy friend girl friend stuff, people smoking weed, robberies and other things. Thus, you need your fellow students to offer you support and fraternity in such situations.
5. It should, if all goes according to plan, take you 6-7 years to complete the Azhari program.

With love and respect.

Suhaib D. Webb

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  1. sofia says:

    Salam, i’m sofia from sheffield university, representative of Sheffield Malaysian Students Asoociation (SMSA), we r like to organize a conference between muslim students here in sheffield in the topic of “Revival Of Ummah” It is something sad when i found in Malaysia as well, we do have lots of Islamic scholars but wut i see muslims even in Malaysia are not unite, they tends to differ themselves with political groups/sects and wut so ever.Besides, it also happen among us here in Sheffield University where i can see it’s a very bad…anyway that’s what i’m thinking rite now, i really like to invite you to be one of the the speaker for the forum before the conference but i don’t really know how to contacvt you except through this blog..

    By the way, may i know in what course now in alazhar are you studying?


  2. sister says:

    jezak Allah khayren Ustadh Suhaib.

    Does Al Azhar differentiate based on gender? ie- are sisters as welcome to apply/get accepted as brothers are?

  3. admin says:

    Asalamu alaykum,

    Dear sister,

    No, Al-Azhar is open to both male and females. Al-Humdulillah, by Allah’s mercy, an American sister will enter the university next year, inshallah.


  4. Jamal Qanuni says:

    Salam Suhaib,
    Im in London. I’m 42, a Student of Western Orientialist University. I stayed
    in Khan al Khalili area some years iago. I’m thinking of pursuing further Islamic ‘ilm. How much money would I need to live in Egypt & how many years would be desirable so as to make progress?

    How long did it take you to read Arabic texts? I heard you on a Kuwait channel. You were fluent; more than I am.

  5. Dina El-Zohairy says:

    Asalamu alaikom Imam Webb,

    I am an 18-year old Egyptian who wants to read more about Fiqh and Sunna for the sake of becoming better educated about Islam and more capable of talking to non-Muslims about Islam.

    Which books would you recommend that I read? I’m not that great with Fus-ha Arabic..I found Sheikh Ghazali’s book about Prophet Muhammad {saws} challenging to read. Perhaps you can tell me the names of the books you read when you first entered Islam.

    Thanks so much. All the best with all your endeavors inshalla.

  6. Faisal says:

    Assalamualaykum Syeikh Suhaib Webb

    I’m so surprise that i’ve found this site in my searching of Islamic Studies. Firstly, I was so excited seeing your picture in this site banner. I thought :”I’ve seen this man in Kulliyat Sharia wal Qanun and attending muhaadharah among hundreds students.” And he was really you, Syeikh! It’s so nice to know your site. Hope I can get more teaching from you.

    Anyway, the result of examination in Sharia Faculty of Al-Azhar has been announced today (Aug 9,2007). How about yours? :). Atamanna laka al-Najaah.

    Hope i can meet you in kulliyah next time. Thank you and barakallahu fiik.


  7. Owais says:

    As salaamu alekum Sheikh,

    Jazakullah kheyrun for the info. Insha Allah I’m planning on comming to Egypt in December 07 for 20 days.

    Do you have any suggestions for the Arabic centers in Cairo?
    Which one is good for learning Classical Arabic?
    Is there one which is closely associated with Al Azhar?

    I really appreciate the time you take out and write for us. Jazakullah kheyrun! May Allah increase you in knowledge and grant you what is kheyr in this duniya and in the akhira.

    Walekum as salaam warahmatullah

  8. Khadija says:

    JazakAllah khair for this
    this is very helpful
    i’m also excited to hear about the american sister mA

  9. Salaam,

    I’ve heard that recently the system of teaching madhahib has been changed radically. Could you explain anything about this? And does it affect your recommendation to Western students to apply to Al-Azhar?

    JazakAllah khayran wa barakAllah feek wa kull ‘aam wa antum bikhayr.

  10. Ahmed says:

    As salamu alaikum dear Imam,

    I am a medical student in the UK. Doing medicine is very time consuming however I really want to gain Islamic Ilm as well to get Close to Allah InshAllah. Is it possible to persue Ilsamic Knowledge at Azhar and simueltaneously my medical studies at any of the medical colleges in Cairo? Please I would be so grateful if you could find out if in anyway it would be possible for me to somehow study medicine for at least 1 year and in a part time fashion I could at the very least persue Arabic inshAllah.

    JazakAllah khairun


    As salamu alaikum

  11. Yusuf says:

    As salaamu alaykum, Is the office for foreign students admissions next to Masjid Noury Khatab and Al-Burj? I am having difficulty finding it and want to apply insha Allah please help wa jazakamallahu khayr!

  12. Sarwar says:

    I would like to enrol on the Tajweed and qiraat course at Al azhar. According to the british system what qualification will i gain after completing the 2 year certificate. Can you give me more info on this course. Thank you.

  13. Dawud says:

    As-Salaamu Alaykum

    I was told that there is a branch of Al-Azhar in Sudan. Can you please forward me more info about this branch?


    • Sarah Nasir says:

      Hey Luke,

      I thought Sh Webb’s advice about exhausting the local resources would be really helpful. That advice really struck me, as I have been wanting to get further Islamic education inshAllah.

      I would like to advice some great opportunities to learn about Islam from scholars here in the US who are AMAZING & many have learned from overseas. But they have the pro (for those in the US) of knowing our thought process & how to teach us.

      I have greatly benefitted from taking the double-weekend seminars from Al Maghrib Institute. They offer a range of classes around different locations in the US that I didn’t know before, and definitely benefitted from learning in a language I understand without having to relocate. And it fit into my schedule. And I found I learned about different areas of Islam: fiqh (legislation), tafseer (commentary of Quran), history etc.

      Also in the US, we have Zaytuna Institute in California. They are inshAllah launching their 4-yr undergraduate campus in Berkeley under awesome ‘Ulama like Hamza Yusuf, Zaid Shakir amongst some internationally renowned Muslim scholars.

      Dr. Hatem Bazian is another Muslim scholar who is not necessarily a “Shaikh,” but a PhD holding professor with vast knowledge about Muslim history & legislation and is an AMAZING source of knowledge.

      Also shuyookh that I have learned from have praised learning from Shaykh Jamal Zarabozo’s works who is also in California & offers both local & online courses.

      Another source I benefitted in learning from are Sunnipath online classes. At their disposal they have scholars like Sh Nuh Keller, Sh Faraz Rabbani & even female instructors mashAllah. And all these scholars are overseas, AND they speak English! And they have flexible timing to match your schedule. Zaytuna Institute also has female scholars. But you can work towards getting an actual degree from your home with Sunnipath inshAllah- they have different degrees available. The SunniPath classes range from Intro Arabic to Fiqhs of the four main different madhahib.

      So learning about Islam in America from good sources are not necessarily lacking. Alhamdulillah over the past few years, Islamic scholarship in the US has grown so much that I feel like specific locations like Silicon Valley in Northern California, Houston in Tx are like the Baghdad, Madina, Shams learning centers of the modern-day 22nd Century :)

      Just wanted to share these beneficial sources I have come across in my quest for searching knowledge.

  14. Luke says:


    Thank you for giving all the useful information about Al-Azhar on your website.

    I am very interested in the Islamic legal science but I am not a Muslim. Is there any way a non-Muslim could get into Al-Azhar University ?

    Thank you in advance for your assistance.

    • abdullahsantiago says:

      Dear brother may Alllah swt bless you very much and thanks for what you give us through this space…

      I came to Egypt with my family 2 months ago for studies and we are very very happy, just a little bit alone and lonely so could you please help me get in touch with say families like us coming here for the sake of Islam and knowledge of this deen who might also have kids and are more or less in the same situation? I know you are in the same situation but I believe you are finishing your studies and also you must be very very busy…..

      Thank you and Jazakallahu khairan!

      • mohammad says:

        well brother i dont have a family, but i will be in cairo next week so if you want to visit me inshaAllah just send me an email..

  15. Ateeq ur rehman says:

    Assalamualaikum, i am currently a student in England and have always had the zeel of travelling to Egypt for any sort of Qari class. I have always wanted to learn the laguage of arabic and i feel the best place to learn this language is there. I was planning of doing a Qari course here. However i have seen mashallah sheikhs such as Qari Hindawi and Mahmood shahat. This has made want to go more as they have inspired me. I am 16 years of age and currently have memorised a minor juz of eight. What do you think is the best thing for me to do. I am a confused student and i would be really greatful for your help. Jazakallah

  16. Abdussamad says:


    Great read, Jazakallah.
    I do have one question brother, my son is aged 3 years old and i would like him to study at Al-Azhar Inshaallah, what i want to know is what should i start teaching him at home and at the schools here in the UK before he reaches a permissable age of entering the university in Cairo!

    Any advice appreciated,

  17. Will says:

    I am HAving difficulty finding the website fir al azhar (egypt) and can those cliffnotes be obtained in the states

  18. Isa Graham says:

    How much money ($US) would one need to survive in Egypt per year, with bare essentials for one coming from the West?

  19. Mansoor says:

    May Allah bless you for providing such a detail information. I am currently learning online with a institute in cairo taking 1 to 1 tutions from a teacher.

    I would like to prepare for 2010 entrance exam. Could you please provide some guidence on what to study and how to prepare. As i am in UK i dont have access to Tawdih series (Yes, Azhari cliff notes)

    Would really appreciate if you can provide some guidance here

    May Allah reward you for your help

    Your brother in Islam

  20. bilal says:

    i want to join alazhar for qiraat and tajweed so i want to know a bit more about it

  21. Nur Jamilah says:

    I juz want to thank you for providing us with these honest, helpful informations..Really appreciate it..
    Jazaakallahu khairaa..

  22. Khadijah says:

    As Salaamu Alaykum,

    I am an American and I have a GED, will they accept this? Also, do women need to apply with a mahram to Al Azhar?

  23. Mohammed says:

    is there a paticular website were i can get the application form?

  24. OK says:

    Wa alaikum assalam,
    Westerners applying to Al-Azhar do not need to show any proof of prior education. Women do not need a mahram to apply or study at Al-Azhar.

  25. OK says:

    Nope, everything is done in person. You can go to to find out more about the application and entrance exam process.

  26. Nomad78 says:

    You mention exhausting your resources here imo the US before deciding on going to Al-azhar, can you make recommendation on where to start? I am honestly very intereted in sponsoring, creating a scholarship fund for, a brilliant brother here in our little town to become an Imam for our locale but I was thinking Egypt would be best from an economic perspective beside the obvious benefits of studying at Al-azhar. He is an Arab born and raised in the US and he speaks Arabic fluently and MashAllah has an interest in the religion and is like a sponge. Can you please advise?

  27. OK says:

    A single person can study at Al-Azhar and live in Egypt for around $800 a month. It would be more if the student needs to take Arabic lessons at one of the private institutes.

  28. brother says:

    jazaakumullaahu khayran

  29. Assalam Alaikum
    See this entrance exam is my dilemma. I have NO formal training in Islam. I just started studying Arabic and plan to study it for the next year and a half inshAllah afetr I finish my undergrad. Now for a person liek me, how am I suppose to pass this entrance exam. Are there any REMEDIAL classes that will help me prepare for the exam (Arabic inshAllah i'll be learning in Damascus, I'm talking about the other subjects).

  30. ilhaam says:

    ooh my allah i was looking for this information how many mouth ago alah dulilaah now i find

  31. ILHAAM ALI says:

    asalaamu alaykum actually you may undarstand when i was wring english any brother jasa allahu khayran you give us the informaion we looking for i live in u sa about 5 years so i really love to lrean my religion deep in side of my heart so help me how i can find sclorship to puy my tuion i kwon quraan nothing so my dream is always day and nihgt to be came some one like i dont kwon who can i say there is no one i can say that so i wannna be (ashaba) PEOPLE THIS IS MY EMAIL DEEQA404@HOTMAIL.COM PLEASE HELP ME ANY WAY I CAN ENTER ALAZHAR JASA ALAAHU KHAYR ASALAAMU ALAYKUM

  32. OK says:

    Wa alaikum assalam,
    If you become proficient in Arabic, you can read most of the books required for the exams by yourself. You can also study the books or others that have equivalent information (particularly the language related ones) at one of the many Arabic institutes in Cairo. You do not need to have formal training in Islam to enter the Al-Azhar system, as the system is designed to give you that training. You do need motivation and patience in order to study for the exams and in order to continue studying in the Al-Azhar system.

    One and a half years is sufficient time to become proficient in the Arabic language and to be prepared for the exams insha Allah. For more information on the exams and how to prepare, check out

  33. Abdur-Rahman Castro says:

    salaam alaikum imam Suhaib Webb, may Allah preseve you with us and help us the students of knowledge be steadfast in our faith and strive(jihad) fisabilillah in His Cause to better ourselves as believers, amin.

    My first question imam is: is it nescessary for us to have someone sponsor us or can we go ourselves to Egypt?

    Secondly, what how much would be needed for me to stay there if i were to complete 7yrs + time spent preparing to learn arabic? please give me your advice?

    Thirdly, i am a student in the states, i have accumulated debt from student loans and such a burden on my shoulders it is, how would i deal with this problem if i were to go to Egypt to study the deen bi-idnillah? sincerely and honestly this has been my intention since i became muslim, i just do not have anyone to sponsor me and if i had the wealth to free myself from the shackles of debt(ribba) i would do it, jazakumallah khairaam, salaam alaikum, alhamdulillah you have provided us with an easy alternative insha'allah.

    • OK says:

      Anyone can enter Egypt using a tourist visa – there is no need for a sponsor.

      In terms of how much money you need, it really depends on your situation – whether or not you are single or married, or have children, etc. A married couple should budget at least $12,000 a year to live somewhat comfortably (it’s possible to spend less, but this will affect your studies). This does not include the cost of studying Arabic at an institute, which is typically an additional $4000-5000 for a 9 month – 1 year program for 1 person, and an additional $1000 or so for 2 people studying with 1 teacher. The cost of living in Egypt is going up every year, so expect these numbers to rise.

  34. juma says:

    asalam alaikum

    iam a ugandan muslim who would like to memorise the holy quran in egypt especially in al azhar
    is it possible for me to study there i really need help.
    asalam alaikum

  35. Halima says:

    hope ur in the best of health Mr Webb, firstly thankyou for providing us with this beneficial information may allah reward you!! secondly i am really interested in studying from professional islamic scholars that practice islam n love to master the arabic language n learn to speak fluently the proper quranic arabic! therfore im interested in studying abraod as i believe this will help me to achieve this and ovcourse i would defonatly like to help the ummah and teach islam in the future, but i think living and learning islam in the west in not enough. at the moment i am
    im studying in a jamia in the uk, im a british muslim n i have dne my a-levels n nw at the moment studying an alima course, i am 19 yrs old n believe time in of the essence so i need to move fast, please brother i need help in achieving my goals. so for me to study abraod do i need a mehram? n how do i get a place at the university, what qualifications do i need? n if this university is not a good choice for me is there anything else where you can lead me towards?
    jazakallah khair
    aslamualykum warahmatullah!

    • OK says:

      For more information on how to get into Al-Azhar, please take a look at the wiki on our site You do not logistically need a mahram to stay in Cairo or study at Al-Azhar – whether or not religiously you should do so should be answered by a qualified scholar.

  36. asaad says:

    Salam , Brother Suhaib I am a forty nine years old family man. I am from Australia and my question is, will i be able to take a bachelor in the arabic or islamic studies in Al Azhar University.I had my diploma in arabic which I took a couple of years ago.
    Jazakumullah Khairan

  37. Saira says:

    Salaam; I need an advice. I am a PhD student. I have to learn arabic as a part of my research. I applied at AlAzhar but they said that they dont take non arabic speaking people. Can you suggest the best language institute in Egypt where i can study Arabic ? i need a course where i can study classical arabic of Quran and Hadith and arabic conversation. Secondly is there any possiblity of learning one to one from an Al Azhar teacher?

    Plz advice me as soon as possible.

  38. Ebrahim Bah says:

    Asalmo aleykom ustadz suhaib webb I am from sweden but have studied arabic in egypt for around 2 years now curently I am in sweden but would like to to do the test for kaboul do I still he chance to do it or I am late I havent done any regristration yet I know that school opens 3 oct do you think I can manage to enter this year if I travel to egypt 5 oct and do all the papperwork and so on. Do they have two round for acceptance per year or only one because some students that come late do the test late in nov or dec please help me becasue I really want to enter this year.

    • OK says:

      Assalamu Alaikum
      You can still register for this year if you come soon. The second round of examinations starts soon, with the third round in January. They have 3 or 4 rounds per year.

      For more information, please look at Sh. Suhaib is very busy, so we can probably answer your questions in a more timely manner.

  39. Azir says:

    Assalaamun Aleykum Wa rahmatullah my respected brother

    I am from France,21 year old,Macedonian by origin.I am a Muslim alhamdulillah and very good at English language.

    I have a huge strong desire to study Islam and inshallah te’alla become a scholar.I will do everything for this,it is my wish and for Allah’s sake I’ll do this jihad.

    Can you please brother help me with telling me how I could possibly enter to study?
    I don’t know Arabic but I am learning to now,I’m doing my best,also memorizing the Quran.

    I am studying also several Islamic courses online at the OIU founded by Dr.Billal Philips.To prepare myself for everything.

    I have only a high school diploma.

    I will give my heart just to be a scholar and spread dawah of Islam all over the world,inshallah te’alla uniting the Ummah to.

    With the mercy and will of Allah swt this can be done,please brother help me,give me more information about how to apply,also a number which I can call and talk directly to someone of the university.

    Inshallah reply when you can akhi.

    My email is :

    May Allah swt bless you and your family.

    your brother in Islam

  40. Saphia says:


    I am a student from Belgium and i’m in the same situation as you are.
    If you obtain some informations about everything can you transmit it to me?

    Thank you very much

    as-salaam a’laykoum wrhmllwbr

  41. sadu says:

    i was second year student in kabul university ( sharayat faculty_) i lelt afghanistan two years ago, now i am in london , i want to start my education again in al azhar university Is that possible for me do so ?

  42. sadu says:

    asalamo alikum,

    and also i want to know about the fee and condatuion of the university,

    How can i apply for it?

    thank you so much,

    • OK says:

      The fees for studying in the Al-Azhar system are insignificant, over the entire program you are not likely to spend more than $200 on fees (not including books).

  43. munir asaad says:

    Salam, Brother Suhaib Inshallah I planned to go to Cairo soon to start the process of studying in AlAzhar University. I had read all the details about studying in AlAzhar through the websites that you had recommended. Alhamdulillah it helped me a lot.May Allah reward you, Amin.
    That is one thing that i need to know and i hope you have some information about it. Is there any Islamic primary school that i can enrol for my 10 years old son, that has english has the medium. We are from Australia and he is currently attending Islamic school in Australia. Jazakumuallah Khairan.

    • Osman Umarji says:

      There are a number of schools in Cairo that teach in English. A few of them are Islamic, but they are quite pricey.

  44. ahmad sawal says:


  45. Aasiyah says:

    Assalamu Caleilum Wa Rahmatullahi Wa Barakatu.
    Aasiyah is not my real name, but amongst my favorites Alhamdulillah, just wanted to point that out insha Allah Ta’Cala. I am an American raised Somali and am currently attending college. I’m fairly new at this whole looking for Islamic Universities, though I have secretly always been interested. I’ve recently found out that women can also be scholars, i guess growing up in America had made the only image in my mind of a scholar/Sheikh to be a man with a long beard. I never knew that women could also become scholars mansha Allah, until by the ni’ma of Allah had one come to live in my very own neighborhood Alhamdulillh. Well, as i research, I “heard” of a famous all women Islamic college in Saudi. And i was wondering, for a women, one going into her mid 20s, which college would be best for me insha Allah Ta’Cala?
    And i mention me going into my mid 20s someday insha Allah, because i have been told by a scheikh that most Islamic universities will not admin students by the age of 25, Allahu A’lam. Though i may not be near there yet, but that was still very discouraging. Is there an age limit to Al Azhar admissions?

  46. ahmed ibrahim alazhari says:

    Go Azhar!

  47. Joe says:

    JazaakumAllah kheir for a interesting post

    So what are the generally semester study dates for Azhar?

  48. lin says:

    Assalamualaikum. Jazak Allah khair for the information posted. I am a mother and a researcher currently living in the middle east (for my children to learn the Arabic language). I would like to know if you could provide me with the syllabuses and curriculum that are taught in the Al Azhar elementary, middle, and high schools. What are the courses taught? What is the earliest age for a child to be enrolled in the school and the requirements? Could I get the list of materials taught and the textbooks? Are the available online for purchase? How much is the tuition fees for the schools? I really hope you could share this with us. Jazak Allah khair. Wassalam.

    Lin (the making of 21st century young Muslim scholars)

  49. abdullahsantiago says:

    Dear brother:

    Thank you for all your postings… We came to Egypt a couple of months ago, we are a family from Colombia. We are very very happy and satisfied, yet a bit alone and lonely, could you please help us get in touch with people more or less in our situation and hopefully disposition of the heart? Meaning we are making efforts to be able to Study Islam here in Egypt..

    Jazakallahu khairan

    • Walid says:

      Salaam Brother Abdullah Santiago,
      Do not feel alone! You are lucky to be there learning your deen. I am currently live in US (Washington DC), and am studying arabic at my local college AND taking Quranic Linguistics course by Ustadh Qazi. I am married like you, and in a year inshallah I plan on making a move to learn my deen as well. Either Al-Azhar, or Syria,,,depending on what road Allah opens for me. I am reading the “” website and it is VERY informative. Are you currently in Al-Azhar or just taking arabic courses? Feel free to email me any time Akhee! Inshallah talk to you soon.

  50. Sanaul Islam says:

    Assalamualaikum, I am a Indian native, and is a student.I completed my +2 science (Higher secondary education) in Kerala, I living state(language Malayalam).Now I aged 21.I looking for study medicine. previous two years I tried for admission to studying medicine in Gov. college……………………
    Is any chance to study for medicine in AL Azhar, Cairo. please help me.
    jazakallah khair
    aslamualykum warahmatullah!

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