The Chapter of Etiquette

Imam Suhaib Webb begins to explain Surat al-Hujurat (Chapter of the Rooms, Quran 49) at ISBCC’s Friday night halaqa (circle, group).

Part I | Part II 

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  1. Stranded says:

    assalam alekum
    I enjoyed this so much. May Allah reward you and preserve Imam Webb.

  2. Taimur Ijlal says:

    May Allah (SWT) bless Imam Suhaib Webb and grant all of us the best of manners

  3. Snuze says:

    This is wonderful! I am sharing this with my friends … May Allah SWT bless you always, Sh. Webb.

  4. Ali says:


    I have a couple of questions Imam Suhaib.

    1) In one of your previous lectures, you mentioned a story about how being conservative can be dangerous, that story being how your mother offered you some meat but you refused because it wasn’t zabiha. Now my question is why would this action be considered wrong and what is the evidence supporting it? I’ve read this in other books that being hospitable overrides matters like eating only zabiha, but I don’t know where the proof is in the Quran and the Sunnah. A lot of people will respond stuff like this by saying “Allah said so, doesn’t matter.” I eat zabiha but if I’m in a household that doesn’t serve non-z I will eat the non-z.

    2) My second question is with backbiting. Do the rules of backbiting apply when you are speaking about groups of people under a label, or an institution? As in, you don’t mention their names specifically, you just say “Those ______ kids, man there something.”

    Please let me know ia. Jzk.

    Assalamu alaykum

  5. kamal says:

    how can you eat non halal just because you’re a guest? Would you expect a vegetarian to eat meat just because you didn’t know they were vegetarian, for example? I think the best way would be to apologise sincerely if they didn’t have any food they could serve you for example and it would be rare that they did not have any other food.

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