In the Shade of Ramadan

In the Shade of Ramadan is an annual online video series produced by MAS Youth during the month of Ramadan. ISR is a series of educational and motivational reflections featuring various speakers across the country. This year’s ISR season is a continuation of last year’s, reflecting on the Forty Hadith of Imam Nawawi, and will feature 27 episodes (an episode every day).

Epsiode 1: Shaikh Jamaal Diwan introduces Season 7 of In the Shade of Ramadan with an explanation of hadith (narration) #2 from Imam Nawawi’s 40 hadith.

Episode 2

Episode 3

Episode 4

Episode 5

Episode 6

Episode 7

Episode 8

Episode 9

Episode 10

Episode 11

Episode 12

Episode 13

Episode 14

Episode 15

Episode 16

Episode 17

Episode 18

Episode 19

Episode 20

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