Chivalry in Islam

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Suhaib Webb discusses the topic of ‘Chivalry in Islam’ in light of current events and the life of the Prophet Muhammad ﷺ (peace be upon him) and the Companions.

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  1. Muslema says:


    Jazak Allah Khair for this needed message! May Allah (swt) empower our brothers to uphold the dignified and noble position they have been given!

  2. Sulayman says:

    Simply powerful like always, inspiring and eye opening.

  3. Sulayman says:

    Powerful as always… highly inspiring and enlightening.

  4. MW_M says:

    With all respect to the sheikh, but do you really think this is a pervasive problem in the Muslim community? Maybe there’s an epidemic of “momma boys” in the west coast, but come on over to the midwest.

    You’re right on with the interactions between brothers and sisters though, but I’d put that more to ignorance and a lack of information on the topic (case in point, how many article dealing with these issues are on this blog? Other than the handshaking one, I can’t think of an article tackling gender relations in specific) than brothers with a misguided sense of chivalry.

    Too often, I find sisters misinterpreting a brother not knowing how to act in a certain situation as his understanding of chivalry when in reality, it’s just the brother being cautious. So, ya sheikh, it’s up to our scholars like you to educate us instead of beat us down from the minbar (not trying to sound harsh, but it’s the best way I could put it)

    • Muhammad says:

      momma boys are all over the place akhi, but we’ve got daddys girls as well so the brothers dont have a monopoly on that problem. agree about needing more education about gender interactions. concrete stuff, not big themes which make us feel good but real practical things on how to deal with the opposite gender

  5. Jinan says:

    Loved this khutba, mashAllah.

  6. Fathiya says:

    Asalamu alaykum

    I think Imam Suhaib said it like it is. This topic is rarely addressed so i think he did a wonderful job at highlighting the problem areas. Its obvious that the solutions are many and its something that should stem from the home

  7. Fez says:

    Interesting lecture delivered sensitively and in a way we can all understand and relate to.


    btw. instead of this where is the part 2 Tafsir of S Bayinah youtube upload? WHY are you leaving us on a cliffhanger? WHY!?!?

  8. Mohsin says:

    Masha’Allah, very beneficial khutbah. Can you provide a reference for the guide dog story? Jazakallah Khair.

  9. Ahmed says:

    As always, great khutbah, but I think this one was exceptional and much needed. Jazak’Allahu Khairan dear Sh. Suhaib!

  10. Zakariyya Coverdale says:

    In my opinion, your speech was very informative and inspiring. I pray to Allah that many individuals will take heed of your words.

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