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ipod in palmby Reem Rahman

The following is a list of some of the favorite Apple applications used by authors as tools to help fill our lives with the light, love, and guidance of Allah (God), Islam, and the Prophet Muhammad ﷺ. Like never before, the Apple iPhone, iPod, iPad and other devices allow for volumes of sacred Islamic texts and teachings and to be accessible within the palm of our hand. They place gems at our fingertips, whether they are the noblest of adkhar (remembrances) and du`a’ (supplication), quotes from the premier scholars in Islamic history, or extraordinary tools for understanding Arabic and the Qur’an.

What remains to be seen with these and other modern resources is whether we have the strength to open our hearts, organize our time, and discipline our minds enough to derive benefit from them. It is for us to ensure that the resources don’t just leave us like the people of Prophet Nuh `alayhi sallatu wa sallam (may Allah send his peace and blessings on them), left behind in the flood of the times – for us the flood of instant distractions that increasingly surrounds us.

As is said in the beautiful, oft-cited du`a’:

يَا مُقَلِّبَ الْقُلُوبِ ثَبِّتْ قَلْبِى عَلَى دِينِكَ

Ya Muqallib al-Quloob, Thabbit Qalbi Ala Deenik

“Oh Turner of Hearts, keep my heart firm on Your Deen.”

Note that by no means is this list intended to be comprehensive. The descriptions after each item provide brief highlights with links leading to the full description of features.

Tell us what you think of these or what your other favorite apps are!



  • iAzkar [Free] – In Arabic only; has common recommended remembrances for each part of the day
  • Divine Names [Full – $1.99, Lite with 10 names – Free] – Beautiful recitation & presentation to help memorize 99 names of our Creator



  • iHadith [40 hadiths – Free, others from $3.99-$6.99 each] - offers 5 different complete collections
  • Daily Hadith [Free] – One hadith, along with an explanation, downloads daily (Internet connection needed)
  • Hadith Qudsi [Free]


  • Fortification of the Muslim [$1.99] – One of the most popular du’a’ books in the world for just $1.99! You can also search for du’as by topic
  • QDu’aas [Full – $2.99, Lite with 3 du’as – Free] – Has over 40 du’as found in the Quran


  • Fiqh Us-Sunnah [$2.99] – Complete compilation of the English translation of the book Fiqh-us-Sunnah by Sayyid Saabiq


  • alQuran [Free] – Has an Arabic search engine too, can access over a 100 translations in more than 30 different languages
  • Al-Mus’haf – [Free] – Actually mirrors the Madinah mushaf commonly used for memorization exactly! Many other great features as well (see site). can be difficult to navigate.
  • myQuran [Full – $7.99, Lite with 5 surahs – Free] – Breaks words down to their roots and root meaning! Great letter pronunciation (makharij) guide even on the free version. Has the Saheeh International translation too; a bit pricey but truly worth it!
  • Quran Reader [$2.99] – Allows the Quran to be read in all-Arabic or all-English. Arabic is in beautiful, HD Othmani text. Includes full text search in Arabic or English


  • iPray [Full – $3.99, Lite features are quite sufficient – Free]
  • QamarDeen [Free] – Tracks and give stats & charts on your prayer, fasting, & more!


  • Zabihah – [Free] – Guide to Halal Restaurants & Mosques


May we benefit from these resources and be a people that brings benefit to others, a people that helps uplift all of humanity.

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  1. Yasmine S. says:

    Jzk!! Very helpful! Downloaded most of it :-)

  2. Yasmine S. says:

    Love this mashallah! I’ve downloaded most of them! Jazak’Allahu khair!

  3. Omar says:

    What about apps for Android phones/devices? Is this site exclusively supporting Apple or what ;-)

  4. Masha’Llah, great list! Don’t forget iSubha!

  5. Yasmine S. says:

    Al maktoob dict. No longer available.

  6. Mustafa says:

    Brilliant article!

    Its great to have tools that bring us closer to Allah and help us develop ourselves. I also love the iphone apps that cater to Muslims especially the iPray and iQuran apps. There are also many apps that help me become more productive. Even my children are using the iPad and its apps to learn arabic, math, alphabets, etc to develop their minds. Best of all most of these apps can be found for free. So I am a heavy apple user now and won’t go back to PC anytime soon. Apple is way ahead of the game. Much thanks to the people behind the Islamic apps. May Allah reward them.

    But I would like to caution my brothers and sisters of some dangers of technology. Technology is truly a double edged sword. Social ills are spreading like wild fire due to the internet. Pornography is a huge illness within Muslim Countries and the west. Its destroying the very fabric of society. Children are exposed to “everything” from an early age on the net. For example looking through indecent picture on Google Images. Women barely dressed. Obviously Google’s standards for content is very different from Muslim standards. So although we may be very cautious in consuming haraam food, we must also be cautious about consuming haraam with our eyes. We must protect our children and safeguard ourselves.

    There are many search engines now being introduced by Muslims for Muslims. The one I am using now is . It also has rss feeds coming in from and other great blogs.

    Also as an alternative to Facebook, there is for a great social experience. An amazing place to network with Muslims from around the globe. You can signin easily using your existing gmail, facebook, hotmail, twiiter or yahoo accounts. Its quite advanced and already has over 50,000 users Mashallah.

    Let us protect ourselves from Fitna and support Muslim initiatives. Keep halaal with your food, income, expenses (riba), what you watch, listen, touch, events, dress,etc.

  7. Alisher says:

    A good brother who is very knowledgeable in Deen and is a community leader told me that daily hadiths app has some fabricated hadiths by double checking via other sources that are available in arabic. Thats the reason I stopped using it. Otherwise its a great App and loved it.

  8. Al-Mawrid Arabic dictionary is also available, very recommended!

  9. jazakallaah khair … just what I’m looking for

  10. Asad123 says:

    “Islamic Media” is great for listening to the best Islamic lectures.

  11. Fuseina says:

    Salaam alaikum,

    Great list! Love the Quran Reader!
    Don’t forget the OLR (One Legacy Radio) streaming radio app, also free for iPhone :)

  12. Fares says:

    Jazakumullahu khayran for the list! I also like “Nawawi,” which is contains Nawawi’s forty hadith in Arabic and English and is free.

  13. Abida says:

    Jzk!! loved the article and was very helpful. Downloaded MyQuran and Divine Names and just love the way it works. You can’t go wrong, its worth every penny.

  14. Haizad says:

    Jazakumullahu khayr, does anybody know is there any app for al-Mathurat by Imam Hassan al-Banna..really appreciate if there’s any so i can read on the go..:)

  15. shabs says:

    First mobile app of its kind…Pray With Me to help perfect the pronunciation of the Arabic verse for the 5 daily prayers (salat).

  16. Deep says:

    How do I get these apps for free ?

  17. Tabish says:

    Check out this free and thought provoking iphone application on the App Store and share:

    Quran – A Short Journey is a small selection of verses from the Quran. Each verse is a sign of God informing us of His infinite mercy, power and knowledge. The app. takes you on a fascinating pictorial journey of the Quran coupled with engaging titles.

    It makes an excellent dawah gift.

  18. Abu Ahmed says:

    Asslam Alykum,

    This is one of the best designed applications in the App store


    Thanks and Regards

  19. Salah says:


    A truly amazing addition to the list:


  20. Rushdhi says:

    Assalamu Alaikum!

    How important is purifying your soul to you? Then this is the most important app you should download, insha Allah!

  21. Assalamu Aleikum,

    Thanks for this useful selection.

  22. If I may mention that skilled muslims among the ummah are releasing up more and more new apps which is cool. Although we wrote number of articles in this such as we quickly found out that from the time it was drafted to publication it was such a change of the landscape of apps.

  23. Syed ali says:

    This is one of the best apps I have seen for muslims, it has comprehensive list of muslim businesses, halal restaurants, islamic clothing, islamic book stores, even coupons. Mashallah, I really liked it.

  24. Momena says:

    Masaha’Allah.. I’m surprised to see these Apps they all are good and very useful in our life. Thanks

  25. Deenwise says:

    Deenwise is the most ‘Comprehensive’ Islamic app featuring everything that a Muslim needs in their day to day life. We have striven to include as much as we can in a single app.
    Download for iPhone

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