Voices For Change

Suhaib Webb discusses the permissibility of music in light of the MAS event titled Voices of Change.

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  1. Abul-Hussein says:

    Welcome back Carter! …

  2. Abu Majeed says:

    It cut off after a third, but I get the gist. I just want to let people know that I have been blessed to know a couple researchers for the encyclopedia and I have the general contact of the Khabeer (main supervisor and editor) Sh. Ahmad Kurdy Al-hanafi
    There are many scholars from all madhhabs and backgrounds on this work which started in the 80’s. They are not influenced by any governement oversight. They are respected scholars in their fields and when they bring there research it is respected and put into action and their is no tarjeeh (superiority) given to any opinion although if there is consensus or a majority opinion it is mentioned. To my knowledge this is the first unbiased multifacted encyclopedia of Fiqh in the history of our Ummah. If anyone from a given Islamic center in the States, Canada, or England would like to officially request one I can help you and it will be much easier if you come to Kuwait to collect it. If you like I will have Suhaib give you my e-mail for this purpose. I encourage every masjid in the west to have one since they do thoroughly deal with the fiqh al-Aqalliyat

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