Nurturing The Family


  1. Abu ubaida says:

    Beautiful reminder ust suhaib webb. Hopefully you do more of these family/marriage sessions for younger brothers and sisters who live in these western countries.

    I have question brother suhaib webb. Do you have Q&A ready for your site. I want to say that you are great help in terms of reminding people about Allah in general but specifically reminding his vast merciness to humanity. Like you said how many of us hear that is haram to give up the hope of Allah, i mean this saying just ignited some people to fight shaytanic forces after commiting mistakes and sins to fight back against shaitan by returning to Allah and striving for his deen. suggestion can have more of these topics related to marriage and family for the younger brethern. To conclude may Allah reward brothers and sister who wants to work and serve for this deen with ikhlas and give them whatever is good here and herafter. AAmin

  2. Humeira says:

    Subhanallah! Thanks for great advice with respect to mending all relationships in this blessed month of Ramadhan! Jazakallah Khair.

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