Knowledge Without Limits

Imam Suhaib Webb in Sweden | April 2010

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  1. 'adab Suhaib 'adab... says:

    jazakAllah khayr for the lecture. i hope and pray my muslim brethern in sweden are doing well in health and imaan. may Allaah protect them. ameen.

    I wish you held the mike in your hand as a speaker instead of the person towards your left do that. At times its very difficult job to hold any object away from your body do that for that long of time but alhamdulillah i am happy to see the talab of ilm in the person’s heart. ameen.

  2. Suhaib Webb says:

    Asalamu alaykum,

    Actually, that was a local reporter who had a very large contraption to record . It was not possible to hold it as she was turning it off and on- recording bits and pieces of the talk.


  3. raheem says:

    Imam Suhaib, please come to south Florida. We have a lot of youth groups out here and we could really use your words of wisdom and very good talks. Do come and visit, jazakAllah khayr for the lecture. Your brother in Islam Ibrahim

  4. Afghani Muslim says:


    yo imam suhaib, great talk man, give more talks man, you should give a talk every day and put it on the internet and link it to your facebook page. Tour the world and give talks and record them and put them up online to reach everyone – do it more often you feel me? Come by every college campus through the states.

  5. Muslim Brother says:

    You mentioned that when studying Islam it is good to study a Madhab, how do you know which Madhab to choose (which would you recommend), and what would be some good books in English to study for that Madhab or just generally for knowledge?

    JaskAllahu Kharan

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