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  1. Asalaam Alaikum,

    Will you be putting the notes for this lesson and the last one online?


  2. Suhaib Webb says:

    Asalamu alaykum,


    With exams and work, I won't be able to post the notes. al-Humduliallah a sister took it upon herself to transcribe the notes. My plan is to transcribe all of the session and the Q&A and publish it as a book next year inshallah.


  3. Salimah says:

    AsSalaam Mualkuim

    These classes are like a fishing net that Allah has
    blessed you with to continue even after the initial
    class to continue to collect blessing. May Allah continue
    to bless you. My Daughter is following you on tweeter
    her name is Buhktawar. Alhumdulillah Allah blessed
    you to spark her interest MashAllah. I made all three
    of my daughters listen to the Surah Fatiha series. So far
    we have all written a letter to the Holy Quran which was very touching. Also they have all pick an attribute to live with my 11 year old picked two … Alhameed, and Alkhabeer, My 19 y/o picked Al Baseer, and my 7 year old picked AlAtheem, I picked Al Mani. Please know that Allah is blessing families with these assignments. I wanted to know if the books on the benefits of the attributes … like if you say this 100 x you will have esteem among people?

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