Message for the Seekers Session 3 Q&A

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  1. a-denver says:

    Question about internet fatwa-fitna, and all the gheeba and arrogance taking place on the net:
    Most of us do not own or control those websites and forums, so what can/should we do to stop the fitna? Is it better to just sit out and ignore the foolish arguments, let them die out on their own? Or do we have a responsibility to give them nasiha? Is it mroe a waste of time to even engage with them, than anything?
    I left that arena a long time ago, because I felt it was a waste of my time, and I sometimes felt even I was going beyond reasonable boundaries in my “speech”. So I am curious as to what the best course of action is?

  2. River says:

    Mullahs all over the place – What ever happened to Freedom – Let FReedoom reign Baby – You see – Let it reign, Imam SUhaib and His MUllahs

  3. River says:

    Mr. Denver , the best course of action is for you to get married and get a girl and relax, see women will sooth your soul and make you forget about these things ….

  4. Ayesha Latif says:

    Awesome! I will order this book for our college library! We need more people, like herself representing the Muslim community at large.

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