Introduction to Usūl al-Fiqh (Mālikī) Part 2

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  1. Angie says:

    The volume on Shaykh Suhaib's recording is a bit low? I have mine on maximum volume and the volume is still medium?

  2. Zubair Khan says:

    Thank you for the feedback, we'll keep that in mind for future recordings.

  3. Jawad says:

    salamalaykoum wa rahmatoullah wa barakatou

    Barak Allahu fikoum for the website !! may Allah reward you ! ameen.

    The maliki’s courses are no available since the new website has been opened, is it possible to re-upload then ?

    I’m sure they should be beneficial for those who started in the maliki madhab !

    Wa Allah oualam

    Jazzak Allah khayran

    ma salam

    • WebbStaff says:

      wa`alaykum asalam wa rahmatulLahi wa barakatHu,

      Yes inshaAllah, we’re currently working on an audio portal alhamdulilLah

  4. jawad says:


    may Allah reward you !!! ameen

  5. Mohamed says:

    Salam alaykum,

    When can we access the remainder of these wonderful lectures on the Maliki usul?


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