15 Years Young: Beatings and Brutality in Seattle


  1. Extremely disturbing…what’s more frightening is that this is probably not an isolated incident…this is most likely just a glimpse into how bad it really is.

  2. JB says:

    omG !! La 7awl wala quwwata ila billah

  3. MR says:

    Paul Schene, King County Deputy

    That’s one of the officers name.

  4. riyaz says:

    This is the nature of the State see link for a clear identification of the State.

    The State taxes us without right, if you refuse you can be jailed or shot and your property seized. The collected taxes are given by the State to corporations which make weapons and war (profitable for them and they control politicians). Our taxes go towards murder of innocents and it pays interest on the National Debt. This is hugely corrupting to the whole society, people become desperate for money, working long hours to make ends meet (the porn industry is thriving, Hollywood is nothing but porn (children aspire to this vulgar culture and our taxes are used to school children to obey the State and to become mindless consumers). This is the truth, I know as an Imaam you cannot say this openly to the people, you have to remain within the proper bounds of discussion, and these words of mine will be prevented from appearing on the site. I know some taxes go towards welfare of the poor, but this cannot be used to justify the system, because overall it creates massive evil, and if we were not taxed or threatened by the State, we would all give charity to the poor and live in strong, self reliant communities.

    I do not advocate violence of any kind, I just think people should be informed of the reality, so that they can find alternative ways of living, and establishing freedom from tyranny, extortion and murder.

  5. Kadiatu says:

    This is absolutely horrifying. What is the mindset of this cop to think just because a young girl mouths off and acts like any child on punishment, that he can lose it and take out his pent-up anger on her! SubhanAllah, it’s as if he had no training, and I only hope that he is given the appropriate punishment. I feel for the young girl, because she did not at ALL deserve to “treated” as such, much less not be taken to the hospital! If he gets away with this, this is another illustration of the justice system in this country, and its “cop outs.”

  6. Ouch says:


    I wonder what her original offence was?

  7. Zaid Khan says:

    Last time I heard that Islam oppresses women. :) Thanks for sharing flip side of what I heard.

  8. Bro. Kaleem says:

    Here is the interview with Malika Calhoun, the 15 year old girl who was beaten to a pulp.


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