The Stab

4105684226_b76736b5d1_bDon’t grieve at the stab.
It’s only meant to free you.
From the chains that bind you to the earth
and shackle you to the shadows of people.
The mirage of water cannot quench.
But is so beautiful to the thirsty.
I’m afraid. Of never knowing another life.
Different. So different.
If I let go, will You take me higher?
Above grief, want, loss.
Above all that I’ve ever known.
Take me higher. Unbind me from the earth.
Like a vaccine, it sickens, to make you stronger.
The stab is temporary. The freedom, eternal.

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  1. Amani says:

    Wow MashaAllah. Beautiful, beautiful, beautiful..

    May Allah swt strengthen our souls.

  2. Alia says:

    This is AMAZING! Mashallah! You captured the essense of dunya and akira so beautifully. May all of our hearts be purified and may we strive in the way of Allah tala always.

  3. Nura says:

    beautiful mashAllah. Excuse my lack of sophistication =) so the poem is about death?

  4. Ibtisam says:

    alaa :D (Superb) Masha’Allah!

  5. Abdirahman says:

    Love the ending.

    The stab is temporary. The freedom, eternal.

  6. y says:

    very cool. i don’t understand it exactly, i was wondering if you could decipher it a little. like, what exactly is the ‘stab’? thanks.

  7. Mohammad says:

    Stab= Metaphore for Life

  8. yasmin mogahed says:

    Anything that hurts us in this life.

  9. Shereef says:

    mashallah, this is a beautiful allegory. I’ve also read a number of your other articles which seem to be poignant and tactful (and as far as I humbly know without being a scholar, ring spiritually appropriate). If your aspirations lead you to continue to write, then God bless on your journey.

  10. Ehtesham says:

    Mashallah its realy beautiful

  11. kheda says:

    masha’allah love this
    being poor and dumb hurts me ,and family and social
    (at lest thats the way i put it)
    i wasnt gifted with knowledge instead tested without it some people i know are so consumed by getting an A* and dont realise its a gift to understand school

  12. ambrin shahid says:

    It held my breath:’) you asked what a Momin asks for, MashAllah :’) It’s more than beautiful! :)

  13. Stepping Stone says:

    Thanks for the poet,the poem really enlighten me up.

  14. imane says:

    you end it beautifully, mashae’Allah :)

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