le chemin confus: Omar Moqeet

le chemin confus

by Omar Moqeet*


holier than thou response

the imperfect doesn’t require a hand to save it

from falling off the cliff

the true journey

le chemin confus


of the two roads that diverged in the yellow wood

it is the one most traveled

imagine frost’s surprise


eschew the upper


the product of the smokeless flame

the product of mud, and despised water


pride is proud of his followers

the only creation that would rather

keep their head over the clouds


infancy brings me happiness

i replied to the caller

let the world work in its own devices

while i examine them so i can escape


life takes visa

the only prostitute

that takes credit

freedom leaves me a slave

of desire..

* Br. Omar Moqeet is an Islamic activist who is part of Young Muslims Chicago.  He works heavily with the Muslim youth in the Chicagoland area.

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