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  1. JYB says:

    Barak Allah feekum

  2. abu majeed says:

    It is fartima not fatima in the title.

  3. MuslimahCA says:

    MashaAllah! May Allah make that night a success, I wish I could be there Allah is the best of Planners!

  4. Amatullah says:

    Can't wait! I have relatives who passed away from Malaria (rahimahumAllah)

  5. Fahim says:

    Masha Allah great effort!

  6. Dawud Israel says:

    About time !
    Ma sha Allah keep at it. :)

  7. Tosh says:

    the video is unavailable for me

  8. J says:

    lol @ fartima.

  9. abu majeed says:

    When they first posted it, I was like O no it says fartima lol. Al-hamdu Lillah they fixed it.

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