Reconnect: Picking Up the Pieces – Retreat in Boston!

Join Imam Suhaib for a New Year Eve’s Retreat at the Islamic Society of Boston Cultural Center. Register now at!

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  1. Chitown says:

    Lol, its all about D rose and the Chicago Bulls!!! Soon to be champions this year!

  2. Sister from the Bay says:

    We miss you here, in California!

    I regret every halaqa of yours that I missed. I took it for granted that you’ll always be here in the area and that I’ll always have time to attend your halaqas “when I’m more free”. I pray that you and your community will benefit.

    For all of Sheikh Suhaib’s current community members: Take full advantage of him! Don’t repeat my mistake!


  3. Zoheb says:

    You guys are sooooo lucky mA. You get to learn and chill with Imam Will. Hey that rhymes!

    One good thing to come from Sh. Suhaib moving to the East Coast is that he’s only a 6/7 hour flight from the UK rather than a 10 hour one. :(((

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