One MSA Takes it To Another Level in Support of Imam Siraj and Issues a Challenge to Other MSAs!

Asalamu alaykum,

A brother sent me this amazing email today!

“assalamu `alaykum wa rahmatullahi wa barakatuh ya Shaykhana!

in sha’ Allah you’re doing well. So one of the brothers convinced me to email you this request so we want to try encouraging the MSAs to donate and collect for Imam Siraj in sha’ Allah. alhamdu lil Lah, our jumu`ah alone got us $1858.55 putting us at a total of $5073 alhamdu lil Lah. Can we put out a challenge to see if any MSA can top that? If so, just don’t include it’s from us, leave the challenger anonymous. jazak Allahu khayran”

I was told today that they brothers and sisters at this MSA on the West Coast have raised more than $8,000! Mashallah, this is amazing news. When the youth decide to do something and motivated they can do so much. I’m very proud of all of the MSA’s and the efforts of out folks to help the Imam!


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  1. Zubair Khan says:

    Our MSA (UIUC) is taking on the challenge inshaAllah :-)

  2. Anonymous MSA says:

    assalamu `alaykum wa rahmatullah iwa barakatuh

    Correction: we've raised a total of: $5307.22 alhamdu lil Lah, but in sha' Allah maybe we'll hit $8000

    may Allah accept

  3. Anonymous MSA says:

    fyi: we did not turn to the masajid and the community, all money came from membership and alumni, here's the break down:

    Bros: $926.67
    Sisters: $1017
    Alumni: $1020
    Jumu`ah: $1858.55


  4. Anonymous MSA says:

    alhamdu lil Lah, update:

    Bros: $1151.67
    Sisters: $1037
    Alumni: $1020
    Jumu`ah: $1858.55


  5. Farida says:

    This is just amazing! mash'Allah
    may all the MSAs do as much inch'Allah
    may Allah cure Imam Siraj

  6. MashaAllah!

    If i was part of an MSA…

  7. Anonymous MSA says:

    alhamdu lil Lah wa Allahu akbar!

    Bros: $1151.67
    Sisters: $1515
    Alumni: $2020
    Jumu`ah: $1858.55


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