Introducing: the Glossary! is always working to see how it can better share information needed to bridge traditional scholarship with modern needs. With this in mind, the site has just added a reference glossary of key terms and acronyms. Check it out!


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  1. Delux says:

    I’m reading your website to learn more about Islam and this is very helpful.

  2. Siraj says:

    Excellent collection. Mashallah.

  3. Br.Ali says:

    The glossary is “off the chain”! Great idea… it and the work br. Suhaib does, mashallah! Ramadan Mubarrak!!


  4. Mona Bennani says:

    thank GOD for you, who developed this, it is what i’ve been collecting since i started to learn arabic and now it will be so much easier to learn!!

  5. Noah says:

    SW Admins,

    Is there a project that will help expand the Glossary? I would love to include additional terms to help expand the Glossary. Just let me know.

    Great work!

  6. Tricia says:

    Man, this site gets better and better masha Allah. You should put ads for it in facebook and elsewhere! (unless there already are)

  7. Badrul says:

    This glossary is pretty awesome. kudos

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